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Feeling stressed? Absolutely you would have felt or might feel it in the future. No one can say that “I am leading a stress-free life”. So, let us understand about its flavors and how to manage it.
Everyone faces stress from time to time. People respond differently to emotions and events that may be causes of stress. For example, will say Introverts and extroverts. Both may experience the same causes of stress, but the response will be in different ways.


An extrovert tends to respond with

  • Anger
  • Impulsive actions such as: 
    • Screaming
    • Throwing objects
    • Hitting

An introvert tends to respond

  • Inwardly
  • Screaming silently at himself
  • Suffering inner anxiety
  • Depression.

        “It’s not the stress that kills you, it is our reaction to it”


Stress comes in two flavours:

  • Eustress
  • Distress

Eustress is your body’s response to positive, happy emotions and events.
Distress is your body’s response to negative, upsetting emotions and events.


And here are some tips to manage stress, have a look at it :

  • Keep a positive attitude always.

  • We need to assert our feelings, opinions, or beliefs instead of becoming angry, defensive, or passive (i.e) be assertive instead of aggressive.

  • Learn to “Say No”  to requests that would create excessive stress in our life. Set your limits.

  • There are some events or situations that we cannot control and we should accept it.
  • Eat something or chew gum. Science has shown that chewing something or eating lowers the stress.
  • We should learn and practice some relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga.

  • Walk away from your computer. Make sure to shut it off 1 hour before you fall asleep.
  • Have a stress ball at your work desk. We should use it whenever stress tries to test us.

  • Spend some time for hobbies, interests, else play with kids which would definitely reduce your stress.
  • Cuddle something. Oxytocin also called cuddle hormone get released when we spend time with others.
  • We should learn to manage our time more effectively.

  • Watch some funny videos or go for a walk.

“May be we cannot live a stress-free life,

but we can try to free us from stress”


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