Encouraging a diverse and inclusive environment that is highly competent

Women Who code

The gender gap is much thinner in the developed countries like US and UK but we as an emerging startup of India, have to make sure that we play an important part in empowering our Women. In Squashapps, about 60 to 70% of our employees and two thirds of our executives are women.
Flexible Work Environment. - Squash Apps
Flexible Work Environment.
Solve complex business problems working with smart people.
Stay Updated. - Squash Apps
Stay Updated.
Keep yourselves updates with the latest in technology. Attend sessions from fellow engineers.
Open Agile Workplace - Squash Apps
Open Agile Workplace
Work in an open and agile workplace
Fun Activities - Squash Apps
Fun Activities
Be the Friday topics, communication sessions, lunch meetings or the full day outings, have fun and keep your mind fresh.
Small Quotes - Squash Apps
Sandhiya Velayudham
Akila Arasan
Small Quotes - Squash Apps
Small Quotes - Squash Apps
Asha Sait

Have Fun. Code Hard.