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Squash Apps is a top-tier software engineering company providing end-to-end world-class digital solutions to our customers.

Our diverse team of Product Managers, Software Engineers, Architects, UX Designers, Quality Assurance Engineers are here to turn your idea into reality.

We are a WOMEN majority company. 75% of our executive management and 65% of our employees are women!



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Our Services

Hire our software development teams.
Reduce your engineering costs and time to market the products in the digital space.

Mobile App Development

Robust, progressive, hybrid, and full-fledged mobile app solutions that best fit your needs.

Enterprise Software Development

Streamline your business processes with a perfectly customized enterprise software solution.

Squash Design Studio

Design and build highly customized software solutions to address the specific needs of your organization.

Our Products

A short video app, a fitness app and an enterprise one-stop-shop product are the jewels in our crown!

Squash Apps has a dedicated team that has immense experience building innovative products from scratch. We strive to develop products that serve a purpose, make things easier for customers and provide stunning digital experiences.

We are featured as one of the top mobile developers in india For two straight years!

Industries We Serve

Squash Apps offers the best solutions and services for every industry out there.
Our focus is to deliver exceptional services and solutions to our clients.

We develop applications that can automate customary tasks and manage the entire deal cycle more efficiently.

From consulting to developing full-fledged fitness apps – we create solutions that seamlessly merge with the existing operations for a smooth experience.

We merge the latest technologies with perfect teaching and training methods to develop the best IT solutions in the entire education industry.

We create clutter-free travel applications that make booking and reservations easy for your customers.

We deliver spectacular logistics solutions that streamline the entire logistics process to new levels.

We create strong and appealing applications that meet your personal and business needs.

We build applications that enable you to achieve your mission and vision in a more efficient way.

We deliver spectacular healthcare solutions that automate the workflow of the healthcare industry.

We offer great solutions that enable retailers to move on to the online market space with ease.

We deliver highly customized, industry-specific, robust software solutions that can manage your business process at new levels.

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We have experience working with 300+ clients around the world, solving real-life challenges

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Squash Apps takes pride in serving these clients and delighting them with our
premium IT Solutions and Services.

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