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Squash Apps offers software architecture consulting services to ensure you're making the right decisions for your company, whether it's within pre-production activities or during implementation on projects with our software engineering team focused solely around this area as well validation from an outside source, ensuring all planning stages were completed correctly before moving forward.

We understand the importance of having a top-of-the-line IT infrastructure and framework. Therefore, we provide our clients with the best IT solution to focus on their core business activities.

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The Future Of Technology Is Here

Software Architecture Consulting To Improve Business Growth

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used to create cleaner software architecture


We create a list of requested features for your system with our thorough analysis


We make sure to run tests during and after the design phase to perfect your experience

Detailed Structure

We map each project in detail to ensure quality and reliability


We use ingenuity and experience to implement an architecture that will meet all of your needs


Maintenance ensures that your system continues to work properly and enhances its performance

Starting With The Right Architecture

Various Development Services We Provide

With our customized solutions, we’ll help you modernize your business so that it can thrive in the coming years.

Client-Server Architecture

This is a great way to structure your website and maximize performance

Object-Oriented Architecture

Make systems more maintainable and scalable by facilitating independent development and reuse

Domain-Driven Architecture

Build complex systems by focusing on the business problem instead of the technology

Onion Architecture

Build and test individual components in isolation before combining them into a working whole

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Let our experts help you analyze your business, to open up new capabilities.

Modernization Strategy

Take your business to the next level with our professional and innovative solutions

Performance Improvements

Significantly increase business’s ability to evolve and manage technology effectively


Customers will be able to ideate and get new products developed

Outpace Competition

Innovate and make your solution more sophisticated to overtake the competition

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Product Alignment

Achieve and unleash the full potential of your product development


We have the expertise to help your business stay ahead of the curve

High Quality

We are dedicated to developing top-of-the-line software

Optimum Maintenance

We offer maintenance programs to keep businesses running smoothly

Frequently Asked Questions

Software Architecture Solutions

Software architects are the developers who design and lead teams to create high-quality software.

Architecture provides clarity by aiding with comprehension across different levels within your organization – whether it’s customer service representatives who need information on what product best suits their needs.

A system’s architecture describes its organization and behavior in terms of how it functions.