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A static website is a great way to showcase your business and what you have to offer. A static web page is easy to create, maintain, and update, making it perfect for companies that want a simple online presence or don't need the extra bells and whistles. Static websites are the future. They load faster and look amazing on any device. However, static websites are still a popular option for businesses and organizations who want more control over their online presence.

Squash Apps can help you get online with a website that looks amazing and is easy to use. We own a team that can create beautiful static websites for your business that shall aid you to stand out from the competition.

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Top Services In Creating An Impressive Site


Static websites we build are safe as they don't rely on CMS plugins.


There is no database, so it drives the static site to be speedy and easy to load.

Modern Technology

The static websites are here to remain with more advantages.


The static website is just redirected to another closest node during damage.


By increasing the bandwidth, Basic static websites with HTML files are scaled up.

Economical Service

Static websites have basic HTML & require less space, with cheaper hosting.

The Best Solutions

Various Development Services We Provide

Our team of designers, marketers, and developers have the venture and knowledge to help your business succeed online.

Personal Websites

Amazing way to showcase your skills, experience & personality.

Portfolio Websites

Showcase your best work and attract new clients and projects.

Business Websites

Designed to make sure your customers can find you easily.

Blog Websites

A powerful marketing tool to achieve various objectives.

A Service-Based Business

Our Services That Help Your Business Succeed

You’re not getting just another Static Website developer; you’re getting a partner who will be with you as your business grows.

Customized Design

Talented designers create a unique and professional brand identity

Content Development

Engaging and informative content to attract more visitors

Monitoring And Analysis

See detailed reports of all activity on our smoothly running website

Quality Assurance

A rigorous process that is made to correct any errors on the site

Why Choose Us

The Right Choice For Your Business

Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery is our priority and key to success

Economical Service

Economical options that still provide high-quality service

High Quality

Ensuring your site delivers an excellent user experience

Improved Reach

Encourage visits and positive word-of-mouth marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

A Well-Functioning Static Website Development

It is the low-cost and lowest maintenance choice, and it provides high levels of reliability and scale.

Yes. When your website is up and running, there are multiple ways you can add additional services and functionality.

A static website can assist in loading the page faster.

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