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We are committed to delivering technology enablement and automation that helps you make better decisions. Our intent-driven IT services ensure your organization is running at maximum efficiency through tool-based service delivery for all of our customers’ needs
We are the team you can trust for your next-generation technology needs. We specialize in providing reliable, efficient, and proven cloud infrastructure services that focus on automation and intent-driven IT tools with operational excellence
Cloud Business Solutions

Cloud Business Solutions at Exponential Speed

cloud solution
Cloud Solutions

We provide comprehensive cloud infrastructure and services for any industry

business solution
Business Solutions

We offer a complete range of cloud business solutions to help you with your specific needs

cloud backup
Cloud Backup

Our comprehensive range of on-premises and cloud solutions helps you protect your data

infrastructure management
Infrastructure Management

We offer top-notch cloud computing solutions to focus on your business

application modernization
Application Modernization

We'll help you implement an infrastructure that delivers higher performance at a lower cost

application development
Application Development

We build applications in a way that is both efficient and scalable

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We Can Help You With Your Next App Development Project

Consider the business-driven service model for effective cloud strategy and migration methodology

Private Clouds

Private Cloud infrastructure-as service offers fully managed compute and storage at your fingertips

Public Clouds

The Cloud Services team helps you determine which workloads are right for the public cloud

Hybrid Clouds

We provide comprehensive Hybrid Cloud solutions that can help your business grow

Multi Clouds

We offer a multi-cloud development solution that will suit your needs and requirements

Technologies We Use For Crafting Apps

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Services That Can Help You Succeed

Services That Help You Grow

We work together to create a software product that meets your needs and exceeds them.
service management
Service Management

You will be able to integrate across functions while rationalizing costs in one go

Platform Modernization

Move any data structure to the latest and greatest without worrying about security

database platform
Database Platforms

We are the leading providers of database management systems that significantly improve your business operations

digital workplace
Digital Workplace

We are committed to helping you elevate your work experience while maximizing sustainable value

How We Can Help You Succeed

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modernization 2
Our services are pre-integrated and tested, making it easier than ever before for you to bring on new technologies
security resiliency
Security And Resiliency
We help you mitigate comprehensive security and operational resilience risks
database migration
Database Migration
Database migration will allow any business or individual to transfer all their information
high quality
Quality Assurance
We are committed to providing quality assurance for all of our customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Best Cloud Platform for Business

One of the many important components is the infrastructure – the backbone that supports all your business needs and allows you to function daily.
The three pillars of cloud computing are Compute, Networking, and Storage. Squash Apps utilizes these in its infrastructure as a service offering built on top of platform services that empower you.
Cloud infrastructure services are no longer a nice-to-have but rather a need-to-have for business.
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