Online marketing is a fast-growing online business with no downsizing and a great way to reach a wider customer base. Small retailers may not have the infrastructure to support websites like major retailers or allotment to pay creators, but they still want to stand out from the crowd. WordPress is one way to fill that niche, as most of its themes are designed with eCommerce in mind.

This article can help you find the list of the multipurpose and best ecommerce themes for online shops in 2022. You are convinced to encounter something here to meet your online marketing needs!

What is an Ecommerce Theme?

The ecommerce theme is a pre-built ecommerce store design that is branded on their ecommerce site to provide a good user experience to people. Utilizing a premium theme could be an affordable and excellent choice for online businesses as it can eradicate web design and growth costs. If you are peeking for a never-before-seen exceptional design, you would want to hire a UI/UX developer or design agent to make a custom-coded key from scratch.

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Best ecommerce themes for Online stores in 2022

  1. Metro

With a selection of homepage templates and other custom layouts in the Metro package, you can use this team to create many types of online shops with WordPress. Since We can describe the Metro minimalist theme’s overall responsive design and style, the packaging templates provide a wide range of individual products and services. Because of this, no matter what type of eCommerce business you are running or you would like to start, and there is a good chance you will find the right set of templates here.

If you check out the Metro store demos, you will see that they are designed to advertise fashion items, accessories, and furniture. So, if you are selling any of these types of products or similar items, Metro is a ready option. Yet, the minimalist design of this multipurpose theme makes it ideal for almost any type of product, so do not give up if the type of items you are selling are not represented in the demos.

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  1. Botiga Pro

Botiga Pro has many useful features to take your eCommerce store to the next level. Other examples include product swatches that allow your visitors to see all available sizes, unlimited color and color scheme, variations of your popular products, with a selection of perfect theme designs to pick from to customize this significant part of your Modern Store. You will also access the sticky shopping cart button and the product customization feature.

  1. Goya

Goya has many template themes for ecommerce stores. For example, there are many storefronts to display navigation menus of your featured products. There is a good list of options for the page templates for each product, including full-width structures, custom-built custom widgets, and many more styles.

There are also carousel, zoom, and pop-up video tools to display your products. By gathering some or all of these theme options panels, you should present your products for your store and target audience in the best possible way.

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  1. Divi

Divi is a very popular responsive theme, suitable for all applications. However, when combined with the integrated WooCommerce plugin, it is converted into an eCommerce monster. Drag and drop page builder(Divi Builder) makes you get your hands dirty when designing buildings, with almost the many unlimited options you have. There are several pre-built properties for those who wish to get up and running right away, including home pages, portfolios, eCommerce storefronts, and much more.

  1. Jayla

Look at the demo of Jayla’s store; you will see that this team can build more online stores with WordPress eCommerce. Other examples include a furniture store demo, site templates for shoes online business, and a tech store option. Whichever demo you choose, you will be able to import all the content and configuration settings into the page with only a few taps. You can add your products to your online store as the import operation is done. Along with the demo content, Jayla also offers you Customizable header layouts.

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  1. TheGem

While this team is marketed as a multipurpose solution, TheGem offers fully responsive design integration with WooCommerce. There are several pre-installed buildings installed, and by using the integrated WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you can build almost any building to suit your unique needs.

TheGem displays digital products well with beautiful designs. The clean rollover effect produces another image when a site visitor moves the mouse over the product quick icon. Additionally, product pages include a review section, product statistics displaying product statistics, and an Add to wishlist button. By building your eCommerce Modern Store, TheGem shines.

  1. Shoptimizer

It is good to see that Shoptimizer earns the best of all the great speed measurement resources. To help keep your fashion stores loading faster, Shoptimizer can automatically create its style sheet, bringing amazing improvements in loading speed. Key pages load almost immediately, and then it becomes a responsive theme as a result. Combined with a good web host, this team has to lessen the probabilities of your viewers pressing the back button because of the long loading time.

CommerceGurus has added many conversational-focused advanced features, including a seamless payment option, trust badges next to key call-to-action buttons, and a call-back option.

  1. Hongo

Hongo has to perform for almost any eCommerce project and be qualified to list individual products in the mega menu. The 10 store demos are a mix of purpose-built options that focus on a particular type of product, such as jewelry, underwear, or furniture, as well as a few additional general blog layouts that are favorable for a wide range of items. However, purpose-built store demos can be easily adjusted and re-intended to sell other product categories.

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  1. Kalium

The team is easily introduced and targeted at those commercial product galleries such as home arts and crafts or creators looking for a random film. Lovely looking, with good use of white space that gives enough space for each item and the default font that looks playful to enhance the cool vibe.

  1. Shopkeeper

The vendor has 10 home page layouts and a pre-built “coming soon” page. It provides a wide range of product page layouts, product demos, portfolios, blogs, and more (even a wish list). With a large range of custom header types and fully personalized clean design trends, you will have no problem creating the design elements you want on your site.

Like many other flexible themes, the merchant is fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin and supports translation with the WPML plugin. It is very easy to navigate and responds to screen size.

Ecommerce themes importance

By 2040, it’s calculated that 95% of all shopping would be done using eCommerce. Beautiful themes and frames are not for everyone. Relying on the requirements of your business, you may need to pursue customization options. Although it is very expensive and time-consuming, there will be no similarities online.

If your business has a lot of complexity, you may need to pursue customization. This way, you can get the custom widgets, and marketing features your potential customers need. The sky limits what you can do with your customized work. Tyche, Shapely is one of the best free eCommerce themes.


An important part of your ecommerce success should not be stressful or difficult to manage. Popular fashion ecommerce themes, beautiful design, and templates eliminate cost, frustration, and time while promoting innovation, flexibility, engagement, and transformation.

We are there to aid you in creating the best e-commerce design possible. Contact us today with your project in mind, and we can get started right away!