20 Best Business Apps For Small Business Owners In 2021

As a person who is running a small business, you have several responsibilities and expectations. Micromanaging your business and interaction with employees, especially when working from home, becomes more difficult. You need specific tools to arrange your to-do list, manage your payments, keep up with the onboard tasks with the team members, schedule meetings with potential clients, analyze and keep up with the data, and soo much more. Here are 20 best business apps that can help you run your business smoothly;

1.Google meet

Due to global pandemics, several organizations have adopted Remote working. For example, Google Meet is a communication service app that gives you a 100% authentic experience of a fully equipped virtual conference with your employees. The admin will control video calling, screen sharing, and conference calls. Plus, it’s much easier to use! 

2. Microsoft teams

Like google meet, Microsoft teams is another video conferencing tool you can use to meet up with your employees working remotely. They have real-time messaging, audio and video call, screen sharing to present documents or PPT, etc. 

3. Google pay

Google pay is the most used and user-friendly money transaction apps available in the market right now, especially If you are running a store. This app is both available on Android and IOS. You can download the app from the play store, register your details, and link your bank account. 

After that, everything is easy peasy. 

You can use the QR code option for customers to pay you right away. 

Payments will be fast, plus you will get coupons and cashback offers. 

4. Wave

Wave helps you with online invoicing, and it’s more beneficial for small businesses owners who are just starting in their field. The software is entirely free of cost and gives you complete access to accounting for your payment details in one single application. 

5. Expensify

I can’t suggest better budgeting and organizing finances for your business. It’s available in both Android and IoS. With the help of Expensify, you can analyze the company expenses for each employee. You can also collaborate with other apps like QuickBooks and Xero with Expensify, making it more exciting and easier for you as your business owner. 

6. Trello

Trello helps you keep track of the tasks and work done by the employees or your team members. Through Trello, you can monitor and analyze the productivity of your team. It is available on both Android and IoS, and it can integrate other apps like Slack, GitHub, Mailchimp. And Jira etc. 

7. Metabase

Metabase helps you do fully-fledged analytics on your business. 

Be it productivity or revenue generation, or overall growth, you can put the data on to processing with the help of Metabase. This tool is problem-solving because it lets you understand the overall functionality of your business.

8. Asana

Just like Trello, Asana is a work management tool. But unlike Trello, it gives a different experience altogether. Through Asana, you can customize your lists and keep your team in check. It’s like a win-win. 

Based on your requirements, you can choose a basic plan or paid plan to use. 

9. Slack

Thousands of Companies use slack to connect with their employees and create a space to interact with each other. Different sectors of your businesses can have different slack groups, and everyone can get connected with the team through slack. 

10. Dropbox business

They are a cloud computing app available on both Android and IoS. Dropbox Business lets you upload all the data and files to the cloud so that anyone in the company can have access to the cloud to get databases, files, etc. 

11. Adobe sparks

Adobe spark is an excellent tool for making videos, designing social media posters, creating images, etc. Adobe sparks have an impressive amount of creative and attractive templates available to choose from for the users. Also, you can update it into a premium account if you want access to more upgraded features. You can edit images or blog images for your business and make them look professional and pleasant with the help of adobe sparks. 

12. Xero

Xero is practically a cash flow monitoring tool that helps you create invoices and keep track of the invoices. They also let you keep track of your bank transaction addition, yous. In addition, you can integrate Xero with more than 100 other apps that help you run your business smoothly. 

13. Fudget

Fudget is a budget organizing and tracking tool every small business owner needs. Try fudget out to manage your business finances. The best part of using fudget is if you are a Dropbox user, you can integrate your Dropbox account with fudget and make it more easily accessible to arrange and set your budget according to the revenue and expenditure of your business.

14. Zoho books 

Zoho books can help you do multiple transactions, inventory management, automated workflow, manage and set up sales orders.

plus, it will only cost 10$ per month, and there is a discount for annual billing

15. Google workspace

Google workspace works for every type of business. Google workspace helps you create a space for your employees where they can create, share and explore. Through google workspace, you can schedule meetings, set task boards, generate checklists, and more. 

16. Toast

If you are running a restaurant, this app is perfect for you. It’s a restaurant management app. Toast lets set shift scheduling for employees by integrating with 7shifts. They provide labor management, sets out menus on schedule, book and manage the tables, analyze the orders, and understand what’s working best for the restaurant depending on their regular customers. 

17. Shopify

If you are running an e-commerce store/ business, Shopify is a lifesaver. Especially during this time of the global pandemic. You can sell your products on several platforms and manage your inventory through Shopify. Shopify is the best approach to widen your business and generate more revenue.

18. payroll

Payroll helps you manage the monthly wages of your employees, the savings, and withholdings. This software saves your time, and you can manage the payrolls of your employees easily. 

19. Mailchimp

Do you find email marketing hard? Mailchimp is an excellent email marketing software available on the market, which is also free of cost and helps you deliver them to an unlimited number of consumers.

20. Survey Monkey

It is always better to collect and analyze the feedback of the customers. Feedbacks will give you an idea of how to improve your business and make more profits out of it. Even if you are collecting the customers’ opinions and suggestions, converting them into understandable insights is more important. Survey Monkey is software that can help you manage and analyze customer feedback. As a small business owner, who’s just starting or expecting the business to grow, survey monkey will help you improve customer experience. 


So give these apps a try; there are soo many more other apps that can help you with your business. Although everything comes down to what kind of business you are running, so choose accordingly. I hope you have a good experience with these apps.

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