Quality assurance (QA) is essential for customer service teams. Like software developers need code reviews, and writers need a proofreader, so do customers. It is a way to onboard, train, and coach agents by reviewing their interactions. Support QA’s goal is to maintain and improve customer service quality.

Quality assurance in customer service is about making customers happy. Customers say that customer service is more important than ever, and half believe it. Making customers happy must be a top priority. This article guides choosing the best quality assurance services for your business.

Ambitious businesses have made support QA (sometimes known as customer service quality control) a standard practice. Although it may seem easy, it is an essential part of customer-centricity. It can lead to customer loyalty, better retention, and increased growth.

What are quality assurance services?

Quality assurance services in customer service are the process of ensuring that customers have a positive experience. Regular conversation reviews can help you improve the performance of your team and support process. We specialize in monitoring and highly repetitive manufacturing processes and custom software development services.

This guide will teach you:

● What conversations should you review?

● How to create a quality support program for your team

● How to create a quality assurance services scorecard for customer service

● Customer service questions regarding quality assurance

Example of quality assurance programs for customer service

Additional resources for quality customer service management

Support QA is a common practice in most teams. It can be used for the following conversations. The best software product development is to ensure quality monitoring.

What are some examples of quality assurance?

Track the support quality over time and get an overview of your team’s performance. You can review various conversations to ensure that your quality program does not favor finding errors in agents’ responses. It also provides valuable feedback about cases well handled.

Picture of QA

Even if the customer service feedback is merely a ‘well done, it is still important.

This category accounts for about 90% of all support interactions. Agents who feel confident that they are doing everything right in most cases can help keep them motivated and aware of their strengths.

A random sampling of all support interactions.

Customers who give satisfaction ratings to all conversations. To ensure application maintenance and for best quality control (sometimes known as Runs Best Data) to determine which machine is the best to replace the job.

Customer surveys gather feedback on various aspects of customer service, not just support quality. These surveys provide information that helps companies determine their CSAT score.

First, these conversations can help you decide whether to forward customer feedback directly to marketing, sales, and any other department.

CSAT surveys will not provide an exact measure of customer service performance.

Second, you can analyze interactions that have received positive and negative customer feedback to help you understand what drives customer satisfaction. This aspect will help you to identify the best communication strategies to improve customer satisfaction and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

All conversations during the onboarding of new agents


Coaching is one of the efficient ways to get newcomers up and running. Conversation reviews can be used as a coaching tool for new agents in training programs.

You can also set up your onboarding workflows to ensure that every response from new agents is reviewed before it is sent to customers. This aspect will allow you to let them tackle real-life support issues right away without worrying about an incomplete answer being sent.

Customer service QA aligns your training, coaching, and quality monitoring procedures to your internal quality standards. You’ll be able to ensure consistent quality customer service across all channels and agents. Customers will appreciate this.

How to create a quality support program for your team?

Before you dive into customer interactions, create a support program for your staff. This aspect will give you a framework to guide your QA activities and ensure that everyone works together towards the same goal.

According to Zendesk’s report, in 2021, 75% of customers will spend more for companies that offer positive customer experiences. Let’s get on with it.

It is recorded that 69% of customer service teams perform regular support QA.

Here are some steps to help set up a quality program and QA for your customer service staff.

Define your support vision, goals, and mission – This is what quality means to your team. Every company has a divergent idea of what is most important for their customers and business. Some companies provide personalized assistance to increase product engagement and upsell their products. Others may prefer to keep interactions short and sweet.

Our quick guide will show you how to select customer service goals.

Establish internal quality standards. Use your support vision and goals to create guidelines that your support agents can follow when dealing with customers. These criteria can support QA reviews to evaluate how your team’s responses match your quality standards.

69% of customer support teams conducted regularly are in favor of QA-related review processes.

Most teams employ three rating categories: accurate product knowledge, appropriate empathy/tone, as well as completeness/correctness of the Solution.

Decide who will be reviewing. Managers are usually responsible for providing feedback to agents. They also support QA. Teams are shifting to peer reviews and hiring quality assurance service specialists to avoid being overburdened. This aspect allows them to spend more time on conversation reviews and reduces the burden on their managers.

Choose which conversations you want to review. The majority of teams check random samples from customer interactions. To ensure that their internal quality standards align with their customers, support teams will review any tickets submitted by users.

Teams are becoming more data-literate. Customer service AI software employs machine learning and language processing to determine which interactions you should review and filter accordingly.

In your team, create a feedback loop. It is just as important to discuss the QA results with your team as it is to have conversation reviews. You can track your team’s progress over time, have team meetings to discuss it, and give individual feedback in one-on-one sessions.

You need to give negative feedback to grow professionally as a support agent. These feedback techniques will show you how to communicate that message to your team. This customer service one-on-1 meeting template might be useful too. MES allows the best application maintenance, visibility, and control over production rates, quality, and cost

You have created a comprehensive framework for customer service quality. This aspect includes your support vision and how you will follow up on the results with your agents in one-to-one meetings.

How do you create a quality assurance scorecard for customer service?

Build your quality program on the customer service QA scorecard. The rubric will assess how well your support interactions with your team meet your internal standards.

PS: We have created this free downloadable QA scorecard that you can customize to fit your needs.

Here are certain things to remember while creating your customer-service QA scorecard.

● Use rating categories that reflect your support standards and goals

● Each quality criterion should be represented by at most one rating category on your scorecard.

● Reviewers are more likely to rate less (rating categories) than they are (reviews).

● Your rubric should be concise and easy to understand. You are less likely to provide regular support QA if you have more categories and scorecards.

● It is common to use 3-5 rating categories.

● Prioritize your rating categories

● Most likely, your rubric contains aspects of different importance. You should give more weight to the most important elements and make certain types crucial. 

● Failure in any of these areas would be a failure.

● Select the rating scale that best suits your needs

● Your conversation review rate can be affected by the choice of rating scales, which can range from 2 to 11 points. The more detailed the rating scale, the better the results will be. However, reviewers will have to make more detailed assessments.

What is the importance of quality assurance in customer service?

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) is a widely-used support metric across all industries. Customer-centric businesses must track and measure how satisfied customers are with their services. CSAT does not show all of the pictures. These are three reasons you should combine customer feedback with internal evaluations, support QA, and other metrics:

CSAT does not only measure your support quality. CSAT scores combine customers’ attitudes about your product, customer service, marketing, sales, and customer experience.

Customers don’t grasp the complexity of their questions. While it may seem simple to customers, some bug fixes and feature requests can be complex for product teams. CSAT’s negative ratings reflect the disappointment of customers, not your agents’ quality of work.

Customers do not know your quality standards. Customers can only judge how your team meets customer service expectations. Sometimes, your internal standards might be higher than your customers’.

Conversation reviews can help determine if customer satisfaction aligns with your internal quality standards. Combining CSAT and IQS will give you a comprehensive picture of your team’s performance based on internal and external feedback. Design and domain are changed to ensure that the structure aids in improving the quality of the design and requires architecture consultation services.

Example of quality assurance programs for customer service

Most customer service departments have implemented some form of quality assurance or ticket review to ensure that their support is always high quality. See how others have set up quality programs if you are unsure how to do it.

Here are some illustrations of industry leaders who have outstanding quality programs. Explore our portfolio for quality-assured products.

Automattic, a remote team with a 95% CSAT, regularly reviews Klaus.

Wistia holds peer reviews in three-person groups to ensure a facilitator is present in all feedback sessions.

The dream has increased its CSAT score from 80% to 90% since it started reviewing regular conversations with 

Geckoboard leverages agent feedback to improve proactive support to drive product engagement, upsells, and customer satisfaction.

Education Perfect reduced their support QA time by half using Klaus instead of spreadsheets.

Each company has its quality program based on internal standards and goals. 

Different teams may prefer additional reviews. 

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When creating a scorecard for your staff, pay attention. This aspect is the most important component of your QA program, as all reviewers will use it for their work. It should be simple but also easily measurable and trackable. Some companies hire QA specialists, while others use peers, managers, or self-reviews. There are many options.