With the release of V1.2, ionic announced the support for SwiperJs with the new directive ion-slides. The older ion-slidebox will be deprecated over the new ion-slides. As there was very less documentation and a lot of developers confused on how to get an instance of the swiper in your controller, I decided to write this blog post. Here’s the forum where I posted the original answer AngularJS Controller How to use ion-slides in IONIC HTML Screen Shot 2016 07 05 at 11.38.31 AM 300x103 1 REFERENCES
  1. It can be made much more extensible. The different options available for the swiper like effect, speed ..etc is here (Look under Swiper parameters)
  2. Take a look at the api docs here
  3. Awesome Swiper Demos here
  4. Here’s an example gist
With IONIC 1.2 release’s support of swiper, the mobile hybrid developers could now unleash the power of SwiperJS! Happy coding!