How Powerful Is Influencer Marketing In-App Promotion?

Who’s your favorite Instagram/ YouTube/ TikTok influencer? Have you seen them promoting an application that’s related to their niche? 

In this new era of the global pandemic, people being creative and having their joy through social media has changed the digital marketing world. 

The reach and influence of a TikTok or YouTuber, or Instagrammer have become superior. Nowadays, social media sets a new trend. They determine if a product or service gets well in the market. Word of mouth has more value than the standard branding advertisement. Gone are the days of Advertising on television. Now influencers are the best way to advertise and market an application into the market. 

The Millenials and Gen-Z value an influencer’s opinion, and some even are blindly following them. 

So how can an app business use these influences to its advantage? By the year 2020, India has banned tik tok from being used. Many talented tiktokers and their fans were heartbroken over this news Because TikTok was the perfect platform for expressing their talent. Applications like Moj and josh were released into the market to fill in that void. They marketed these applications by collaborating with all the TikTok influencers on paid contracts. All the famous influencers started posting their content on these platforms and directed their audience/ followers to these platforms, thus increasing the download rate and user count. This is one of the most prominent examples of influencer marketing to induce downloads for apps. 

Influencer-marketingEssential questions to consider when choosing an influencer to promote your app

1.What type of Audience requires your app? 

Of course, this question is essential. 

If your app is for fitness and at-home workout methods, you want it to reach out to the people willing to try them out. Therefore, you should select the type of influencers according to your app. For example, for a fitness app, You can collaborate with fitness enthusiasts and gym trainers who are influencers on Instagram or YouTube in particular. 

2.What is the demographic range of your app? 

To Which countries or places are you expanding your apps? Answering this question will help you understand which influencers to collaborate with according to their Audience. For example, an app made by Indians should be promoted by someone who has a massive following Indian audience. 

3.How many downloads and engagement are you expecting from one influencer? 

How many downloads and engagement an influencer will provide will depend on their number of followers and their engagement rate among their social media profiles. 

4.What is your budget for this influencer marketing campaign? 

Influencers starting from 10k will expect payment according to the period of the collaboration and the amount of promotion we expect from them. So putting on the number limit to the budget will help you understand what you can afford and who you should choose according to that. 

5.How are you going to reach out to these influencers? 

Several agencies work as a medium for businesses to reach out to social media influencers. Or you can reach out on your own directly, but the possibility of them replying to your message will be lower. 

Benefits of influencer marketing

  • Direct reach to the targeted Audience
  • Works well with small app businesses trying to increase downloads and user retention. 
  • Budget-friendly
  • By collaborating with influencers, it leaves a good impression among their Audience.
  • Increase in direct sales
  • Branding works both ways, and all of a sudden, these influencers become the face of your business. 
  • If the paid collaboration is prolonged for some time, the influencers will increase user engagement to your app. 

Strategies to consider while doing influencer marketing

1.Offers and discount codes for any sales gone through the influencer:

People love it if they can get a 30% discount or coupon code minimum from a product they want. The influencers will be allocated a link to the website or app, and any person who gets access to your app through the link receives a discount. This strategy induces a lot of downloads. 

2.Giveaways and freebies:

I mean, who doesn’t like to get free stuff. Giving away gifts to the first 100 users will make it more demanding. 

Posting regularly on a period will remind the influencer audience about your product. 

Creating a narrative about how your app has changed the influencer’s life will leave a good impression on your target audience. 


Influencing has become the most trending and fashionable career right now. Everybody wants to be an influencer, but it requires a lot of effort and dedication. For an app to be successful, it has to adapt to the best marketing methods available on the market. Influencers marketing has proved to be one of the most efficient methods adopted to increase app downloads so far. 

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