10 Push Notification Strategies To Increase App Engagement

It hasn’t done properly, your app will have lower traffic and a lower retention rate. Even if your app is extremely good and has an excellent user interface. So how to increase the engagement rate for your app?  Along with optimizing the user experience and flow, you also have to consider tricks and tools for your application to become the success it deserves to become. Do not miss out on opportunities to increase the engagement for your app. 

Imagine you spend a lot of money , time and put a lot if effort to increase the downloads. Only to realize that even if the rate of download is higher the engagement rate is low. 

Push notifications is one of the key methods to increase engagement. Famous apps like swiggy, zomato and uber eats use push notifications to attract the hungry customers to use their app. 

Push notifications remind the users to check out your app  regularly on intervals. 

But don’t send too many , because the users will get tired of this and uninstall the app right away. Everything has to be on the right count, not too less and not too many. 

So here, I will explain ten Push notifications to increase app engagement. 

1.The first opt in ; Create the best notification to send out. 

The first push notifications are always going to be important because if the first experience is not satisfactory for the end-users, nobody will ever value it afterward. Because first time only happens once. Sometimes if they don’t like it for the first time they might even uninstall the application. Therefore a well-planned content for the push notification is very much important. 

But their comes a challenge that we can’t customize the opt in message on ios, to over come that problem creating a splash screen to reach out to the ios users will help. 

 An attractive eye catching message will do the trick ,  studying the end users and understanding what exactly catch their attention can help you create the best content. Also studying how the users are interacting with the message can help you create better content next time. 

Push pre-permissions is a tool that will help you with everything to get the best opt in message. There are several researchers that showed that using this tool has increased the app engagement by 200 percent. 

2. Separate your target audience 

Personalised push notifications according to each audience and their interests in contents can be helpful. This is one of the best strategy to increase user retention. By this way we can reach out to all the users and they will have an impression that we provide the contents they want. 

This practice will give you loyal customers. You can collect personal data of each users and do analysis to come up with contents that will catch their interest. Don’t forget that the content has to be short, cheerful, and  informative. 

3. Location is the key

Location Says a lot about your users and their field of interest. Interests and perception varies according to each culture. And location will explain a lot about that person. You can access the GPS in the device to understand the location of the users.  Always remember to send notifications according to each time line. Because maybe it will be 10 am in India, but 5.30 am in london. So if your application is international don’t send them out at the same time. Because the users from different timelines will get the notifications at different situations. Geo location can also give you the details of the weather on each area’s. That will Also help with preparing the content and  sending out the notification. 

4. Send out notification of offers ,deals and upcoming events

I mean who doesn’t like getting a good deal. E- commerce apps like Amazon, Shopify have used push notifications to lure customers into using the app. A good discount deal, or a competition to get gift cards will always attract the users. Personalised deals can play a big role when it comes to attracting the end users. 

Also notifying them about upcoming events will always keep them interested. Notifying the empty cart or pointing out how long the product has been left in the cart will make the users visit the app. Also we can always remind them Through push notifications, if the product they have put in the cart  is going out of stock that there is only some few left. 

5. Artificial intelligence ; a key to automated personalized push notifications. 

Using artificial intelligence will be more helpful because it works 24*7 and we don’t need any manpower . Artificial intelligence have made  a huge impact on marketing field of several industries. AI will analyse user database, create the contents, and send them out without delay. Using AI can also increase the app retention and optimisation. 

6. Concentrate on user flow 

The best way to expand client steadfastness is to zero in on client stream. It is vital to have steadfast clients. The more a user keeps on using the application, the more loyal the person becomes to the app. According to studies Loyal customers generates the half of overall revenue of the app. The on boarding flow has to be increased because its necessary for the user to prioritize the app for his needs. Its more easier to attract a person who have already purchased something from the app than someone who is new to it. Its important to build a relationship between the application and the customers. 

7. Remind Users to update the app and send out live updates. 

Imagine installing the app and that’s the last time that you have updated. Missing out on the key features because the app is outdated is not good and might not impress the users anymore. So what’s the best way to remind them to update the app? obviously push notifications . 

Not only that, notifying them all the up to date informations works too. Its very useful for sports application, so that users can also checkout the score details. 

8. Track User Behavior:

The delivery time of the notifications, and open time and rates can understand how the user’s are interacting with the push notifications. Introduce campaigns to target each Audience according to their behaviours and likes. By doing this you can understand your customers. 

9. welcome notifications

Don’t forget to send the users a welcome notifications, because they have to know that you are thrilled to have them on board. Maybe you can give the a discount and offers as the first time customer. And let them have the f

Very first amazing experience with your app. 

10. Ask for user feedback

What’s the better way to get to know your user experience than asking for a feedback. Most of the time user’s wont come out and notify you if they are facing any difficulties with the app, they move on to some other app that will provide the same service as your app. It might be ideal on the off chance that you didn’t allow that to occur in here. Asking for feedback will give you an insight into how the app works on certain devices and what the issues are to be resolved. This is the best way to improve your app. 

Final words

Push notifications have more significant value when it comes to increasing user engagement. They can increase app store optimization and grow your downloads too. 

They can change the game and make your online business a success. I hope these strategies make it work for your app. 

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