15 Reasons Why You Should Choose React Native In 2021

What is React Native?

React native is one of the most successful frameworks introduced by Facebook in 2015. React Native is built on top of React, but instead of targeting the browser, it targets the mobile platforms. It is an open-source framework used to develop an application for IOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, Android, Android TV. It is successfully adopted by millions of businesses worldwide.

React Native is an open-source JavaScript platform that allows any developer to contribute to the framework.

The implementation method of React Native is similar to React, except React Native does not manipulate the Document Object Model. React Native does not use HTML or CSS, but the styling has identical syntax to CSS.

What is cross-platform development?

The practice of developing applications that are compatible with more than one type of hardware platform is known as cross-platform development. One good example of a cross-platform application is Adobe Flash that performs the same irrespective of the device you run it on.

What should you know to work with React Native?



You need to know all essential components such as JSX, Props, States, and so on.

Is it a suitable device for you or not?

15 Reasons Why You Should Choose React Native In 2021

1.Learn Once, Write Anywhere.

React Native is a cross-platform for building mobile applications for IOS and Android using JavaScript. So if you know JavaScript, you can use your skills to build real mobile apps for IOS and Android. It needs less specialized knowledge to start up with React Native. Javascript developers are easy to find than finding skilled Java or Swift developers. Your JS developer needs to do a little googling, and yup, he is ready to create an application for both platforms.

2. Rapid App Development.

To create mobile applications, the developers are always looking for ways that help in improving the process of development. The apps build using this framework are native. They are not the web pages that look like a mobile app, so with react native, you don’t need to expertise IOS or Android programming unless you need a complex app and you need to talk directly with the native API of the platforms.

3. Reduced Manpower

You can write pretty much of your application code in Javascript and share it across IOS and Android. For this reason, most companies prefer to develop their application with React native since they no longer have to hire two groups of independent developers to manage two different codebases, one in Swift or Objective-c and one in Java and Kotlin. Android.

4. Reduced Development Time

Relative time taken to develop applications using React is less. Using react Native, we can deliver product for two platforms way faster done while writing it natively. Saves around 30-40% of development time when compared to writing codes for two platforms separately. Since only one codebase is required, product development is much quicker.

5. Reusability Of Code

We can share the code base with the web app. If the front end is written in React Js and the logistics more straightforwardly, that can be shared across React Js and React Native facilitating development even more.

6. Low Cost Of Maintenance

We fix bugs once, and we add new features once at least, in theory, that can significantly lower the cost of maintenance for multiple platforms.

7. Huge Set Of library

A huge Javascript library in React Native provides increased performance of built applications. It also offers several toolsets, which makes the workflow easier. It has many open-source libraries of pre-built components, which speeds up the development process.

8. Significant User Interface.

The strong emphasis on UI provides consistency and scalability in the mobile app and development process design. It provides a quick, smooth, It needs and responsive interface with significantly reduced loading time. Laying out the User Interface is much easier with React Native. It creates a bridge between UI components and their native Java or Swift components. No need for two development teams or synchronize features and layouts. It is just faster and can make more out of your budget.

9. Hybrid App

The app built can be half native and half web-based. For example,

The integration of web-based password recovery systems is seen in the apps. When you forget the login password of any application, we go for the “Forget Password” option available down. Clicking on the Forget Password will directly take you to the web page, where you take different password reset processes. Thus this kind of feature can easily be created using React.

10. Quick Bug Fix

React Native is beneficial for fast-moving businesses. It comes with a set of features that speed up debugging and development as well.

11. Faster Apps

The Javascript compiling actual native code makes the application run smoother and faster. You can build your app over in a couple of weeks. It is the much speedier framework you will ever see with well masterminded. We can say that the speed of Native applications is equal to the rate of React Native applications.

12. Minimizes The Workload Of Devs

React Native is the most liked framework among mobile app developers. Any developer would love coding in React Native as it makes coding more accessible and less stressful. It can reduce the codebase by about 95%; it’s along with saving your time and money.

13. Facebook Official Support

As said before, React is introduced by Facebook Community. It is also open-sourced so that several people will be contributing to a single code. In the future, React Native Apps will have great support from Facebook.

14. Successful Products

Several mobile applications are running on both Android and IOS. One of the common misconceptions with react Native is that we cannot create huge applications. Since React Native has become open-source, several businesses have decided to adopt and develop their apps using this framework. The apps build using React Native are Facebook, Instagram, Skype, UberEats, Pinterest, Tesla, Wix, Flipkart, etc.

15. Bright Future

React Native is emerging in popularity as an effective solution to build cross-platform mobile applications with less strain on your budget. The colossal success of React Native till now has added value to its uses. React Native comes as the first preference for any mobile app development project. Therefore skilled React Native developers can have several job opportunities in the future. 


This article aims to make you start at the right place to mobile app development without wasting your precious time. We have seen how React native can save your development time in a significant way. I hope you make use of this article and start developing your application today. 

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