Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

There are more than 29 billion mobile applications out there for Android and IOS mobiles. The market share for Android is 85%, and IOS is 14.9%.

The app tools like search engines, online shopping sites, video players, gaming apps, and mobile wallets like Google pay, phone pay, etc., provide services our society needs. Smartphones changed our entire life; now everything Is available on our doorstep. All we have to do is touch, swipe, select, and proceed. These new inventions started revolutionary changes in society: secure payment, online shopping, a virtual personal assistant, and whatnot. Everything is possible!!! So here are 15 mobile app developments trends in 2021

1. Internet Of Things

The Internet is one of the most leading technologies ever invented by humans, and it has the cathartic power to drastically change the world. In the beginning, only people utilized the Internet. Now, there’s a different kind of Internet available, the type of Internet for all the objects embedded with sensors, software, and new technologies that they can download and transfer data over a wireless network without human interruption. With the help of technology, we have entered an era of advanced connectivity among various devices. With new technologies and strategies hitting the market every day, IoT is evolving, and it will continue to do so. It has the power to manipulate an entire society. 

2. Blockchain Technology

Blockchains are virtual engines of digital currencies like bitcoin. They store the transaction records known as blocks in multiple databases known as a chain. Blockchain is a P2P encrypted digital ledger that is available to all its users. It protects and prevents the tampering of transactions because each transaction is only allowed through the owner’s digital signature. So you must be wondering how IoT works inside the blockchain; IoT sends this data through devices that are available all over the Internet to the private blockchain networks to avoid third parties’ involvement. The beauty of this technology is that anyone can see it, but no one can touch it. Bewitching, isn’t it? 

3. Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence is the ability to observe and learn new things; it is not a skill but the power of our brain to capture knowledge to understand and evolve. Artificial intelligence is the intelligence a machine requires for it to carry out tasks that only a human can do. AI can make autonomous decisions. AI can study our behaviors by analyzing our patterns and can give us personalized experiences through Apps.

4. On Demand Mobile Apps

This type of app will skyrocket in the market because of its demand. They are built to meet our daily needs and will help us carry out tasks. Make our life more comfortable. They provide Laundry services, food delivery services, ordering cabs online, and whatnot. We can get anything we want without even wasting our time and effort. These apps will provide us with those services. 

5. E-commerce Apps

The most used e-commerce app is Amazon the With a Net worth of 192 billion. Ecommerce apps are the type of apps that can help to sell and buy products. The most used e-commerce apps are 

• Amazon 

• Ebay 

• Shopify

6. Instant Apps

Most users don’t want a lot of apps because they don’t have enough space in the phone, or a lot of apps will mean the phone will be running slow. So instant apps are the answer to that. You can use apps without even downloading them. This will naturally increase the discoverability of apps. 

7. Gaming Apps

Who doesn’t love playing games?? Teenagers are addicted to online games. In 2020 three beginning of pandemic PUBG, an app, has become trending among many kids. PUBG generated 2.6 billion in the market. Mobile games will be different from various sectors. But they provide all the same to customers, which are satisfying, thrilling, and So mobile games will not run out of fashion. Not this year!!! 

8. Cloud Integrated Apps

This is a game-changer in the developer’s world. Cloud integrated apps can store the data on their own without storing it on a device. This will increase functionality and improve the operational efficiency of the mobile. 

9. AR & VRVirtual Reality

Augmented reality provides more freedom for the users to explore products and services. This has increased more marketing opportunities. Imagine if you can just sit at home and check out products by using augmented reality. Or can you appear in the face to face conference with your employees remotely? Augmented reality can provide us a live vision without having our physical appearance in place. Sounds terrific, right?? VR can give us a virtual life experience. VR is simulations in 3d form. VR can provide us with real game life experience. Both AR &VR in mobile app development have a bright future in 2021. 

10. 5G Technology

Fifth-generation technologies come with better Connectivity; they can improve the performance of apps. 5G devices have better battery life and account compared to 4G. 

11. Wearable TechnologyWearable Technology

Devices that can be used as accessories like watches, pendants, or even the can be embedded in clothes. The machines are hands-free gadgets that can collect and send data by acting as a transmitter without human involvement. Examples of wearables are Child monitoring devices, smartwatches, devices that can monitor heart and brain activities, etc. 

12. Predictive Analytics In UX Design 

Yes, user experience is significant!!!! Now not only UI but UX designs are also receiving recognition. Impressing the users is only possible by using predictive analytics. Predictive analytics will help us understand user behavior and the type of expectations they have. This will help improve and add more features to the apps and bring satisfaction among users.

13. Voice User Interfaces 

Now we can just talk to our devices to do tasks like setting up alarms or playing music or add a to-do list or set up a reminder. We can have our virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa. VUI will help us interact with our devices. Imagine the possibilities of having this same technology among various apps. This will change the gaming world. 

14. Virtual Events Streaming 

During the pandemic, everything has become virtual. I have seen photographers taking amazing pictures of models through face-timing. Virtual events have become trending for the past year, and it will continue to do so this year.

15. Mobile Wallets

They are the updated version of internet banking, except now it is much better. Mobile wallets services have become a necessity in our day to day life. Mobile wallets store payment information and help us pay the bills or transfer money through the internet. Mobile wallets will continue to be a trend even after 2021. 


Mobile apps are among the best forms of performance support today.

With everything available on the internet with just one touch.  Apps are going to evolve and bring more opportunities to people.

Cheers to an exciting future waiting for us.

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