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Excellent UX layout can make or break your relationship with the customer. Right here are 9 great UX layout examples to discover from.

A great UX layout can make or break your service’s product and client partnerships. As a result, products are extra people-focused than they have ever been. Today, the best techniques consist of responding to JTBD (jobs-to-be-done) or client requirements, accommodating varied people, using simple interfaces, and delighting customers at every action of the journey.

This write-up will take our hat off to several of the most delightful customer experience examples over the last few years, whether it’s brand-new technology, cutting-edge visuals, or smart– JTBD-focused– experiences. Here are the items that leave customers coming back for even more and can inspire ideal methods to use in your UX design technique.

Grab a mug of something hot, kick back, and take pleasure in a few of the leading ux design examples presently.

Leading B2B & B2C UX style instances

There’s no rejecting the marvels excellent ux design examples can do for your brand, so let’s look at what it resembles in this write-up. When you consider a UX Design Example, think of the following User Testing, Positive User Experience, User Interfaces, Image Galleries, Image Carousel, and Product Designer Portfolio.

Please pay attention to Background Colors, Bright Colors, Portfolio Case Studies, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Portfolio, Search Bar, Menu Items, Abandonment Rates, and Analytics Tools. Do you require a Capstone Project and Google UX?

UX matters. A PwC study of 15,000 consumers discovered that one in 3 consumers would certainly leave a brand name they love after one disappointment.

Airbnb’s reservation experience.

A UX design instance must recognize that Airbnb is leading the cost when creating a booking experience that does the job for websites. Airbnb has done its study. When attempting to locate accommodation, the homepage style addresses normal pain factors vacationers have.

The homepage additionally inspires tourists that are unsure where to go by providing preferred locations nearby. It gives a mix of what people enjoy: entire homes, pet-friendly homes, or special remains. The activity of booking is simple and on top of the fold. Quick, clear, as well as straightforward.

Lesson learned? Research and study customers’ needs and issues in your design process and use the data to establish what matters most to them. As soon as you recognize it, provide it on a plate. Look at the latest UX trends for apparel.


The autoplay features from Netflix are quite potentially several of the most intrusive and heavily debated UX, including gracing the earth.

There are two autoplay functions that individuals have a love/hate partnership with.

The Netflix ‘play following episode’ attribute has made our minds up for us on greater than one event. It’s a wonderful example of doing a task the individual wishes to do without also requiring to ask.

Netflix likewise presented an autoplay trailer attribute as you scroll through their media library– providing individuals fast insights into the movies and series they float over. Unfortunately, this specific autoplay feature was fulfilled with much controversy and argument.

The second function, “pressures involvement at the price of the individuals’ annoyance,” is normally described as a Dark UX pattern or “rowdy UX.”

After a basic uproar, the moment came for Netflix to enable users to turn off this autoplay function.

Miro’s user onboarding

Miro does fantastic work of pushing their respective base towards an Aha! Moment by focusing on an individual’s work to be done.

Miro enables customers to develop the board they learn and need as they opt for modal popups and browse their means through expanding abroad. The popups are hidden and tailored to the customer’s in-app actions.

In-app or by email, you can visit a user’s inbox with product tips and onboarding bumpers.

Headspace’s motivating UX retention method.

With a 4.8 celebrity ranking on the application shop and over 13k reviews, Headspace is a leader in the online meditation market. It deals with users aiming to overcome anxiety and stress anxiety, rest much better, and live an emotionally healthier life. The application experience must be as smooth as any meditation they practice.

We particularly enjoy the Headspace application’s concentration on gamification to build individual retention. Like Duolingo, Headspace takes care of bringing an affordable edge to the academic world. It supplies goals and keeps users active daily on the app with a recurring touch– pressing people to meditate each day and maintain a common method.

Lesson discovered? Great UX can aid toward crucial item success metrics. For example, 90% of users have quit using an application because of inadequate performance. A terrific experience can not just hinder a person from leaving, but it can encourage them to utilize your app much more. Understand what is meant by UX Design.

Todoist’s persisting jobs feature.

Todoist have a wealth of attributes to aid people in managing their personal or team jobs. The application is simple to navigate, drag, and drop-friendly and offers you that embedded feeling of gratification when you go across a task off an order of business.

The UX design example we indeed want to refer to is Todoist’s recurring due dates. It’s an easy feature that showcases that Todoist has truly done their study and determined one of their customers’ crucial jobs.

Lesson learned? Determine your customers’ demands by investigating their persisting jobs. Then, design accordingly if there’s a way to simplify or automate a key task.

Mailchimp’s password guidance

When it comes to its brand, Mailchimp is often championed. They rest at the top of the food chain and for excellent reason. However, it’s not their branding alone that’s doing them favors; it’s how they deliver it– via innovative UX design and copy.

Their password guidance process in their welcome form is a great example. In addition, Mailchimp guides users to generate a stronger password in a friendly way.

Did the lesson find out? A good UX style can make regular jobs that people normally don’t take pleasure in even more pleasant. For example, sign-up types or profile creation can be an excellent experience with the right UX assistance and design principles.

Revolut’s customizable app

Who said we couldn’t delight in finances? Revolut is leading the fee with its straightforward financial application that permits customers to tailor their very own experience as such. For this, they obtain satisfaction of place in this UX layout instances list. Clients can switch over our histories and icons and chop and alter the home display as they see fit.

Lesson discovered? Encourage individuals to make a product theirs by enabling them to fine-tune the design to fit their choices.

Duolingo’s gamified experience

We briefly stated Duolingo earlier and likened its gamification to Headspace; however, Duolingo takes gamification to a whole new level in its UX layout.

The platform is fun and friendly while testing customers to maintain understanding. In addition, they manage to make the experience of finding out a brand-new language extra intriguing by incorporating computer animations, a light-hearted tone of voice, and gamified UX such as degrees, streaks, and extra.

Take action and gamify brand name interactions using email, chat feedback, or other communication networks.

Medium’s “clap” feature

This one’s an oldie but a goldie. Medium’s clap your admiration feature was particularly ingenious when it first aired, and it still is. It’s a straightforward yet distinct means of revealing recognition in contrast to striking a like button. We’ve seen it adapted and tweaked throughout the years, mostly by TikTok.

Lesson learned? Don’t fix it if it’s not broken. Great UX style doesn’t require changing the wheel. Then make it your own and try it out; if you like a UX design idea and think it will work well with your product or website and audience–. Incorporate the following in your UX Design:

Incorporate the following in your UX Design Dark Theme Design, Design Beginner, Design Events, Design Samples, Excellent Design, and Google UX Design.

Never compromise on Graphic Design Skills, Steps Users, Tasks Users, Image Credit, Animated Background Images, Bespoke Images, and a capable UX Designer

Choose B2B Companies like Squash Apps.

Have you considered the following:

1. Navigation Issues

2. Social Media Links

3. Additional Links

4. Google Search

5. Submenu Menu

If it’s straightforward, cheerful, and also offers its function, you’re on to a winner. Consider the best UI/UX trends in 2022.


I say great UX is when a customer can attain a certain objective in the most convenient, fastest, and a lot of satisfying ways feasible, considering the situation, setting, and UX devices available in ux design examples as in Squash Apps. Excellent UX is undetectable many of the time, although a feeling of relief and easiness when completing a job or utilizing a solution declares indicators.