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Scalable Design solution for school and parish management app

Doodlio is a live school and parish community management solution offering cross platform management for various tedious and time consuming managerial works like assignments and events management, classroom allocation, donation reports management, team creation and management, PTC meeting schedule management, volunteer reports management, full fledged messaging system and much more.
Our client, a midsized US startup, required the completion of crucial features like calendar and data visualization integrations and making the web application work in cross platform devices and make the designs scalable which was needed for the pilot customers of the app. The solution has full featured calendar sync integration to manage deadlines of assignments and internalization feature for supporting multilingual messaging feature. The development team was posted with strenuous deadlines that was critical to be met before the client presentations.
Our Solution:
The initial requirement of our client was to complete the existing features and permissions management within the timeframe of 4-6 weeks. The team worked closely with the CTO to prioritize the tasks, which made the development process of web, mobile app smooth.
Technology Stack:
AngularJS, Apache Cordova, Ionic, Angular Material 1.x, Angular 6, Angular Material 2.x, SignalR
The Architecture team configured ec2 and integrated CI/CD along with the configuration for testing domains as well.
Pilot Phase: The initial pilot phase required the completion of development of onboarding process for schools and parish managements. The solid understanding and practical application of AngularJS style guide made the app development process smoother, which lead to the feature development phase. Feature Phase: New and additional features to support the idea of event and assignment management was completed and launched successfully to the users. Along with this the dashboard was also completed for web and mobile app. Migration Phase: The successful completion of all the above phases lead the client to move the app to the migration of front end code base which was running in legacy angular js code.
Business Outcomes:
The initial successful pilot phase and feature phase lead to the rise in onboarding target numbers of schools and parish management which made the project move towards the instrumental migration phase.