Building Beautiful Apps

Our Story
Squash Apps was founded in early 2015 with a simple vision."Build beautiful apps" .We are a small company of expert full stack developers.

We love innovation and are always on top of new technologies. We are experts in Java, Spring, Javascript related technologies like AngularJs and NodeJs, SQL databases and no SQL databases like MongoDb and indexing solutions like ElasticSearch. Services range from creating your website to a full scale web/mobile application!
Our Approach

Project Kickoff

Get introduced. Lot of questions answered. We get to know each other.

App UI/UX finalized

Your app's design finalized. Only after you are satisfied!

Product development

Your app takes shape now! This is where the real coding happens

Continuous feedback cycle

Frequent demos with you. Continuous feedback cycle makes sure we are on the same page

Iterative approach

Products are built in an iterative approach. See demos every sprint!

Beta testing

Final product code completed and pushed to App stores for beta testing by a closed group.

Publish to app stores

Successful beta testing leads to publishing to app stores! We save you the stress of publishing. Just pay for the app store account

Continuous support

Don’t worry. We got your back! With continuous support we make sure your app stays healthy in the app store

Server scaling

Ready to scale? We help scale your servers so your app performs well with heavy load

We provide the best digital solutions

Web Development

Experts in responsive frameworks and highly scalable websites, we make sure your website is top of the class!

Mobile Apps

Partner with us to bring your business to mobile. We build both IOS and Android apps using cutting edge technologies.

Scalable Services

We are experts in NodeJs, Java and RESTful web services. We do everything from apis to load balancing your servers.


Our apps talk to highly available cloud services like Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, etc. Contact us with your requirement

Clients say:

Technologies we Use



Java Script

NOSQL Database




Angular 4

Ionic Framework


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