With the rise of mobile app technology, many businesses find themselves in a tight spot. There are myriad reasons behind the failure of a mobile app, some being uncertain Testing and inadequate features. For example, the originality factor can also affect its success in today’s world where everyone wants their unique viable product instead of something generic with multiple competitors offering similar services or products already out there.

The development technology used by experienced app developers should be new enough not to get outdated too soon, which would lead them to develop more work than what customers need at this time.
The mobile app development world is constantly changing. To stay on top, you need to build your app with the latest technology and exciting features that will engage users now more than ever before! Google has come out recently with its Flutter framework, which is perfect for creating stunning user interfaces for iOS or Android operating systems.

Google’s Flutter is one such great technology for developing a high application quality on the Android platform in record time by using Dart programming language from Google Developers Console (GDC) or third-party solutions like Appery within a short period.
Flutter is a new player in the cross-platform app development industry, which was released only in 2017. Nonetheless, it succeeded because of its robust features and exclusive benefits that set them apart from other mobile application builders out there today.
Let’s talk about what Flutter is and why it is considered one of the best development trends of 2021!

What is Flutter App Development?

What is Flutter App Development?

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Google’s new Flutter platform is an open-source code basis for developing native iOS and Android apps. The Software Development Kit (SDK) includes command-line tools, engine rendering APIs to test integration with other products, and readymade built-in widgets that can be added easily to provide an excellent user experience across all devices.

React Native and Flutter both use a reactive architecture where the UI automatically updates with variables. React uses JavaScript, but it needs to be integrated for controlling OEM widgets; this can lead to performance issues on its own – which is why you see FLUTTER’s full integration by erasing any bridges between these two platforms so there are no more barriers or restrictions in what they will do together.
JavaScript is one of the object-oriented programming languages that helps you write your code in apps. It also enables compilation, so there’s no need for extra bridges, which means faster startup times!

Let’s Get Into Some Stats Now!

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The Flutter trends show that 13.55% of developers worldwide used Flutter libraries, frameworks, and tools as their primary programming language in early 2021, according to Statista.
The latest version of Flutter, 1.0, came out on December 4th, 2018, and a new version 2 was launched in March 2021. Since then, over 100K apps have been developed using this framework for hundreds of millions of devices worldwide.

Flutter may be new technology, but it’s already on the rise. According to GitHub stats alone, it has over 131k stars! This number is unprecedented for any other project in comparison; it makes sense why so many developers are interested since this software has been able to reach such popularity within just a few years of its debut release date. 

15 Reasons Why Flutter Is Setting The Trend In Mobile App Development

Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from the power of Flutter. Let’s take a look at some significant reasons why you should consider switching from traditional apps to an Android/iOS and flutter hybrid solution. It’s time for your company to take the key advantage! 

1. Google as a Backbone 

Google as a Backbone

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A flutter is an innovative tool that can create a native application for mobile platforms, web browsers, and desktop environments – all from a single code base. With improved UX features built into the interface of Flutter, it will make your life as an android developer much easier!

Google has ensured this technology would work outstandingly well with organizations who want their products accessible quickly no matter where they are accessed or what device users use. Developers also have something special waiting inside its robust API library, making development quick, huge community presence & easy across multiple languages. 

2. Effective Customized Designs

A flutter is a tool that helps a community of developers build cross-platform applications more quickly and easily. It takes the hassle out of making essential, straightforward custom widgets so you can focus your time on higher quality features or customizing an existing one as needed – all with less effort. 

3. Single Codebase for Multiple Platforms

Single Codebase for Multiple Platforms

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The flutter platform makes it easy to create apps that run seamlessly on all three major platforms: web, mobile, and desktop. With one codebase for iOS/Android development, you can build once and deploy across many devices with minimal effort. 

4. Great for MVP

As a growing agency that requires an MVP or only needs one for displaying it to huge potential investors, Flutter is the perfect framework. This goes after minimal time and effort with the nominal cost of development on your app’s flutters. 

5. High App Responsive 

Flutter is a new and promising mobile cross-platform technology that can run on any existing platform. Flutter applications already perform well, with no changes to the code base or maintenance of great designs for each device type; however, they have been brought into active use in desktop and web environments. 

6. Less time and number of Testing

 Less time and number of Testing

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Flutter’s single codebase is an automatic win for mobile app developers who need less Testing. The development time saved from not having to write automated tests means they can focus more on marketing and getting their app in front of as many people as possible, which increases conversions. 

7. Swift App Development Process

Apps based on flutter SDK are fast, seamless, and responsive. They work without hanging or crashing during cutting-scrolling moments of an application’s life cycle. 

8. UI Similarities

UI Similarities

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Flutter has a library of reusable UI widgets that can be applied to your apps without the need for individually setting their properties. This saves you from editing native code in both Android and iOS applications, making it easier than ever before.

9. Backed by Android Studio & VS Code

You can find Flutter on several IDEs, including two major ones – VS Code and Android Studio. Downloading the dart plug-in, for instance, will allow users to start coding in integration right away.
The lightweight tool has everything configured through its marketplace plug-ins, giving Flutter app developers great flexibility when creating their products and accessing other user-created add-ons.

10. Customized Widget Fabrication

The Flutter app is the best way to create an online transformation and fantastic user experience for your user base with its innovative client-oriented features. With all these fantastic tools, you and even your active users can save time and money in making customizable widgets that will be useful later on down the line too. 

11. Advantageous Hot Reloading for Developers – Designers Collaboration

Advantageous Hot Reloading for Developers - Designers Collaboration

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It’s a win-win situation for all! Developers and designers can work more efficiently because of Flutter’s hot reload feature. The UI changes made by either the developer or designer will be seen immediately after making them–without having to stop what you’re doing in your app codebase. 

12. Transparent Documentation

Flutter is a lightweight and easy-to-use cross-platform developer’s tool that makes it great for beginners. Its official documentation can be found on the Flutter website, so you don’t need to learn another language or have an additional set of tools in your belt while working with the flutter professional development teams. 

13. Similar to Native App Development Functionality

Flutter is a mobile Cross-Platform Framework that uses Dart as its programming language and compiles down to native machine code. This means you can compile your app quickly and launch it on multiple platforms without having different versions of the same thing in various places – saving time. 

14. Saves More Time

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Google Flutter, the cross-platform tool, allows you to deploy your app immediately without losing its existing features or compromising app development speed. You also have access to a UI that can be used to troubleshoot bugs and add new ones – all instantly. Flutter app development is much shorter than other frameworks in the mobile app development process. 

15. One-of-a-kind Rendering Engine

Flutter, a new rendering engine for mobile applications, has been designed to optimize the entire development process and ensure that the most outstanding features can be implemented. The framework uses Skia, which performs direct rendering onto platforms like canvas via its peculiar implementation strategy – this simplifies UI design without any need to adjust it again on every platform change. 

Business Perspectives with Flutter

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A framework should be the best way to get your business up and running, but it can become risky when one of these factors is left disappointed. In most cases, to avoid this problem, you would have either direct or vicarious overspending, which means there’s no guarantee that anything will work out well for you!
Flutter is a platform that fears no risks, covering all demanded aspects. Google’s support for the Flutter app development is a massive indication of its credibility. With companies like Alibaba, eBay, and MGM Resorts backing the framework, it has been clear from day one that this project had what it takes to stand out in today’s competitive market share landscape.

The Fuchsia OS release will only add fuel under these flames as people begin betting big on mobile devices once again – giving them even more reason than ever to not just go with any old app when they need something specific right now!
Do you know who else takes an interest in Flutter programming? That’s right; even cross-platform or Android engineers want to learn how. It’s fast, performs well, and requires no bridges between services like React does – plus, it offers better performance and requires less bridging than other frameworks because it works directly with the canvas, which means there are no unnecessary third-party services needed for access.
Hence, Flutter is a game-changer for businesses and business strategies looking to streamline their marketing techniques. It brings instant results and becomes an integral part of future success, too!

Final Note

Flutter mobile app development is not just for the future; it’s already here. Fuchsia OS was created by Google and used in their app flutter project to create native responsive web design apps that run seamlessly on mobile devices or desktop browsers without any lags or glitches- what other platform can do this?

The implications of Flutter’s success are huge; if you’re looking into developing an application with these outstanding features, then your company might want to keep up!
Want to give it a try for the best Flutter app development? We at Squash Apps, a mobile app development company, are here for you. Our team of experts has everything needed, including all the tools and experience necessary to build your next project on this robust framework that enables rapid application design without sacrificing user interface components quality!

If there is still some hesitation on why switching over may be beneficial for your business – book an online consultation where our lead experts can reveal all of these benefits! So don’t hesitate any longer when there’s so much opportunity ahead with new technology. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is the Flutter trending?

Flutter is a cross-platform development framework that has all of the tools necessary for creating attractive interfaces. It also provides individual developers with less code because it’s capable on various platforms, meaning you can write simple apps without worrying about bugs or compatibility issues between devices. 

  1. Why is Flutter good for app development?

Flutter is a game-changer for business owners and developers. It has many more advantages than implementation risks, making it the perfect chance to build high-performing mobile apps that fit your custom needs with ease! If you want an app in both iOS & Android, then Flutter deserves consideration. 

  1. What is the use of Flutter in mobile app development?

The main advantage is that Flutter enables faster app development. This one’s pretty straightforward, as this framework functions quicker than its competitive frameworks in most cases, such as development trend – you can expect your projects which are developed separately across both Android and iOS, could require up 2-3 times more person-hours than what would be required using this language/development platform hybrid solution.