Push notifications are a pop-up message that comes into your device taskbar from an application. The primary purpose of a push notification is to get users’ attention to lure them into Using the app. Push notifications help you reach out to the users, even if the app is not even opened on their device. push notification is a powerful marketing tool

Push notifications are one of the best practices to increase user engagement in an app, any device with access to the internet can get push notifications. 

Here are the benefits of push notifications for your applications;

Benefits of push notifications for your applications

Increase in User Retention

App retention is a crucial factor when it comes to engagement rates and app store optimization. Using push notifications according to each demographic range and generating the notification content according to the likeliness of each user will help increase user retention. 

Increase in the Rate of Engagement

User retention and engagement rate is entangled together and provides the best organic downloads in the play store. 

 It’s better to have consistent push notifications based on a well-planned strategy To increase engagement.

An increase in the Rate of Conversion

push notifications could induce immediate purchases by reminding the users if they forgot to finish their buy orders. 

So yes, implementing consistent push notification methods will increase the conversion rate for the app. 

Enhance Your User Experience

User experience depends upon the quality of the app and the engagement. Push notifications bring out more spices into the business and make the customers more interested. 

Personalized Content Can Be Sent Out to Each User

When a user gets personalized content just made for them, that catches their interests. Users will like it when the app goes the extra mile to interact with them through push notifications. 

Reduced Time Consumption

It takes so much hard work and effort to compose engaging content. Unfortunately, that’s what happens to email marketing and newsletters. But push notifications are short, eye-catching, and less time-consuming. 

One Of The Best Distribution Sources To Reach Out To Users

With the help of push notification, we can build up the distribution list to over 500000 or more within 30 days. In addition to that, by using push notification, we can see higher open rates between 30-45% and click-through rates between 5-10%. But everything depends upon how captivating the call-to-action content of the push notifications is. More importantly, push notification to opt-in rates are much higher than email opt-in rates.

Branding Your Application Through Push Notifications

you could add brand-related information to the content when consistently sending push notifications about upcoming deals, offers, and trending products the user might like. For example, using the brand logo in the push notification can be an excellent marketing move to enhance branding. Users will recognize your brand more through push notifications.

Ease Of Access Through Deep Linking 

Add deep linking to the push notification when providing specific content about contests, shopping carts, or anything in the app. Doing so gives ease of access for the customers, and it will be less confusing for them.

Lower Cost Compared To Other Methods.

Compared to other methods like email, SMS, advertisements, etc., push notifications are the best adopted and lower cost method that increases engagement and user retention. 

Automated Messages

push notifications can be automated; even the number of distribution lists won’t even be an issue. Several bots can help send push notifications, so there will be no need for a workforce, Even for sending out customized messages. 

Although your team is sending them out, you can set a time in advance to send them out automatically.


If used with the best strategy, push notifications can bring many changes to your app business. But if the contents of the push notifications are Irrelevant and not catching the audience’s interests, it will drive them away. It might Cause the users to opt-out or, worse, uninstall the application from the device. So use them to the advantage of your application. If you have any further questions, you can consult us at squashapps.com.

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