10 Best Educational Apps for Kids 2021

Pandemic still is going on, and we are all stuck at home doing nothing but watching television, cooking, scrolling through the mobile, and doing a little workout at home.

Your kids are staying at home and studying with the help of online classes, and let’s admit, online courses can be tricky and less helpful. 

Best Educational apps are essential for kids at home ever since going back to school feels like it’s never going to happen. Long gone are the times when we thought mobile phones are the enemy of productivity, and it kills the brains of our children. 

Now the same device is helping kids learn more than they could learn from a class. 

WhatsApp chat groups have become the place our virtual class exists, and Google meets is our virtual classrooms. There are tons of educational apps available for kids or students or anyone who just wants to learn more.

So here are the ten best educational apps this year that are specially designed for kids and students.

1. Courseraimage

Coursera is one of the best available students to learn different things and is available on iOS and Android. It has a wide variety of courses that will provide you deep knowledge of any subject you want. It offers certification from the world’s best Universities and industry tycoons like Google, IBM, and Facebook.

From business-based courses to art, music, engineering courses, Whatever you need, Coursera provides.

Coursera is available in Google Play and the Apple store.

2. Photomathimage 1

Photomath helps students with their math problems. It helps them to resolve their homework. If you have any doubts about algebra, photomath is your solution.

The most fantastic thing about photomath is that it provides you an understanding of the complex problem.

Working with photomath as your math partner, you will learn to approach mathematics differently. We can simply take a picture of your mathematical problem and upload it on photomath, and the app will break down the problem and resolve it, and provides you with an uncomplicated answer.

The step-by-step process of solving a problem will make mathematics easier for you.

With the help of photomath, you can be a maths genius, and your confidence will boost with it. You will not find maths complicated after you start using photomath as your math tutor.

3. Khan academy

Khan academy always stays at the top when it comes to giving students knowledge and confidence. The purpose of the application itself is to provide free education to all students across the globe.

And as the results show that their work is pretty impressive. Their unique teaching approach makes all the difference since students don’t find the same old teaching helpful method.

Khan academy provides teaching programs for tests like SAT, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, etc.

It provides video tutorials of narrators explaining everything on a blackboard of the screen; it’s pretty easy and captivating.

4. edXimage 3

Do you want certification from ivy league schools like Harvard, Yale, Oxford or MIT, etc.?  edX provides you courses from these top universities in the world.

We all know how hard it is and how pricey it is to get into these Universities, and now with the help of edX, nothing will stop you from getting what you want.

edX provides you all kinds of courses; everything that you seek is there. So don’t hesitate to go ahead and start learning through edX. They offer more than 2000 universities.

The valuable certification they provide through edX and how it will change the future of your career.

5. Byju’simage 8

India’s best educational app for students from 4 to standard to 12th standard teaches you everything about maths and science. And now they have introduced more other subjects to students in specific grades.

They also offer study programs for exams like CAT, JEE, NEET, IAS,& GMAT, and so much more. Byju’s provides video tutorials, quizzes, and animations for complex problems.

Byju’s app made studying fun for kids. Now with their help, maths is not that complicated as they seem to be. Not only do they make it fun, but also they make it through.

When we finish each chapter, we will attend quizzes, and there will be practice sheets to make sure we have learned it right. And they will provide graphs and points of our progress and our intelligence to make us understand how we stand when it comes to studying each subject.

This method will help us improve our brain, So go ahead and download Byju’s app; it’s available on both Google Play and the Apple store.

6. My Study Lifeimage 6

My study life has been staying on the top since it’s coming out into the app market. It has come out as the most practical application, especially for students who are struggling.

It gives you study plans and makes your goals easy to achieve. With my study life, you can bring orderliness into your life of learning.

It has the role of a calendar in your life, and it pushes you to meet the deadlines and submit your assignments on time. Download the app to make your life easy and be a top-organized student in your class.

7. Google Classroom

Google classroom is very much easier to be in with than the original classroom.  

This application makes it easier to attend class,  submit homework and assignments, etc.

We create classes and start discussions, and attend conferences through Google classroom.

Also, with the features to submit assignments and grading them with remarks am sure now it’s every teacher’s favorite platform. Since the pandemic is not going to stop for a while, google classroom is more important to us.

It is also easier to share work materials and resources through this platform.

The process of setting up a  classroom is straightforward.

Don’t hesitate to create your google classroom right now, to interact and do a group study with your classmates.

8. YouTubeimage 10

Youtube is one of the oldest but one of the top apps that provide video tutorials and learning programs.

You can search anything on YouTube and find it there.

YouTube is like an ocean of knowledge.

You have a youtube app inbuilt on your android mobile, but it’s different for iOS users.

YouTube offers a wide variety of courses, videos, and channels to watch.

9.  Unacademy

Unacademy was single-handedly operated and founded by Gaurav Munjal and then later roman saini. And hemesh Singh came into the action.

It was only a YouTube channel that provided free learning videos to everyone. But then it developed into an application and a website.

Unacademy has the most knowledgeable tutors from IIT and other good universities. They include courses for JEE, NEET, UPSC, SSC, and other exams.

They provide live classes and practice sessions, and at the end, you will revise the chapters. They will also provide live mock tests. It is a paid app, but there are free courses available.

10. Solo Learn

Solo learn it is all about coding and programming. We all know how valuable it is to learn to code and be a pro computer programmer.

It teaches you how to be a pro when it comes to programming. They provide free courses for c++, swift, PHP, HTML, CSS, java, and so on. Imagine the job opportunities you will have if you learn all these languages.


Knowledge is the most powerful thing in the world. Don’t wait; learn as much as you want and fill up your brain with knowledge. So here are some of the best apps available this year for us to know new things. I hope this article has helped you find the best applications for you or your kids to study. Have a happy learning!

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