Guidelines To Boost Mobile App Engagement And User Retention

What if I tell you that your app engagement will be reduced to at least 75%-80%  within the first three months after the release. It happens to most of the applications.

The most common mistake people make while the app comes into the market is that they focus on driving the download rates without caring about user retention and App optimization. 

These are the two challenges every Mobile app business face in the beginning ;

You have to attract more users and increase the downloads. 

Prevent the users from abandoning the app After it is downloaded. 

Why is user retention necessary for app engagement? 

App retention rate is the percentage of rate of the users that check out the app regularly. Imagine you spend a lot of money to acquire new users but fail to retain them for using the app. This means the app is not delivering its services to the users! 

All your efforts to increase download rates will be futile if the user retention is only 10%-20%. An increase in app retention will improve app store optimization, thus increasing organic downloads. 

How to calculate the app Retention Rate?

The industrial standards can measure app retention rate as categories according to the number of days; day1, day2, day 30, and day 180. The user retention rate of an application is calculated by dividing the number of installs generated within a specific timeline by the active users during the timeline. 

On the other hand, it is also essential to understand the churn rate of the application. 

Churn rate is the rate of the users your app is losing over a specific duration of time. 

Strategies to boost retention rate

Here are four steps to keep the Mobile app engagement ongoing

  • Step 1: the app with excellent quality and services. 
  • Step 2: attract the users
  • Step 3: make the users understanding the  app
  • Step 4: keep the users engaged regularly

It is essential to implement the best ASO to attract possible potential users. It is imperative to never over-sell your application; if the app doesn’t meet the user’s high expectations, it will increase the churn rate. So giving the user a forced projection of what they can achieve using your app has to be avoided.  It is crucial to provide the correct information about the app to the users to attract the ideal users.

Here are some fundamental factors about the app the user must know before they are using the app;

  • The primary purpose of the app
  • How to use the app
  • How the app is helpful to the user
  • What the user will achieve through the app. 

Here are the best strategies to increase app engagement and user retention, 

1.Interactive  onboarding

Even if you acquire new users, they have already decided which app to use according to their needs. So it is your responsibility to convert all the new users to your loyal customers. Onboarding is the method and procedure to change the user’s perception of your app and use them to your advantage. Here are the most used ways to onboard users into your app;

  • Email marketing
  • Influencer marketing has to market have
  • Television/social media advertising
  1. Attract the ideal customers

The users will have an understanding of your app for the first time. So it is most essential that you show a significant ranking in the app store. Why? Because people who want an app will use keywords to search for it, and they will only download the app that appears on the search results. So that means your app optimization has to be unquestionable and excellent. You want to attract the right customer, so don’t forget to add the relevant keywords and the screenshots to the app download page. 

So that the users will get an understanding of how the app works. 

This step is very crucial to the success of your business. 

3. Easy to use

It has to be easy for the users to create an account in the app. Make sure the app’s user interface is user-friendly and designed upon the ideal customer behavior; in Apps like Instagram and Facebook, we can just log in with a phone number or email address with a relevant password. So make sure when designing the app, it has been user-friendly and easy to navigate the pages of the app. 

4. Push notifications

Push notifications are a pop-up message that comes into your device taskbar from an application. The primary purpose of a push notification is to get users’ attention to lure them into Using the app. Push notifications help you reach out to the users, even if the app is not even opened on their device. push notification is a powerful marketing tool

Push notifications are one of the best practices to increase user engagement in an app. any device with access to the internet can get push notifications. 

5. Improved customer experience

In the end, everything comes down to the customer. Focus on how to improve the experience of your customers regularly. Study and analyze your competitors and how your app can replace them with the features and services you will provide. Hiring the most qualified and skilled UI/UX designer will help. 

Don’t make it harder for the customers to use your services. Instead, don’t forget to use this to your advantage and make the most out of it. 

6. Regular Updation and maintenance

The users can see a massive difference if the app is regularly maintained. Treat your app like its business. There are 1000s of new apps coming into the market every day. To stay ahead of the competition, you have to keep the app fully occupied to welcome the users. An app that is not maintained for more than six months will not survive the market. So you have to keep your app regularly maintained and updated. 

These are the several factors that are important for updating the app;

  • Ui/UX designs
  • Bug reports
  • Maintenance cost
  • App Store guidelines and rules
  • Downtime and revenue losses
  • Business growth
  • Customer feedback. Etc
  1. Integrate new feature

It is essential to add new features to keep the users interested in your app. Consider your customer feedback; you never know. 

Sometimes they can give you a significant insight into your app and help you develop new features. But, unfortunately, thousands of new Apps are released into the market on a day-to-day basis. So to stay on top, you have to market and upgrade your marketing game and app game. 

Final words

App retention and user engagement are co-related. It is crucial to have a loyal customer base for your app. When your app business is intended to perform well and be easy to use, the users have to be attracted to it. So don’t forget to consider these tips to improve your app engagement. 

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