There is a mobile app for every utility, and thousands of apps are added to the App Store each day. Ecommerce apps are another innovation in mobile because they offer a completely new sales channel for online merchants and business owners.
While it is smart to build an ecommerce mobile app for an online business, are you getting enough conversions from your app?
Many online companies have faced many challenges in expanding their customer base and increasing sales. Ecommerce apps can do this well. Today’s users don’t rely on websites. They prefer to use mobile apps to make online purchases quickly and easily.
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How can mobile apps boost your online sales?

79% of smartphone users order goods online from their mobile devices.
  • Push notifications – Recover lost revenue by sending push notifications to customers via mobile.
  • Social media sharing – Customers are always logged into their mobile devices, making it easy to use social media for e-commerce.
  • GPS Promotions – These promotions can retain and acquire customers.

Ecommerce Apps: How to Sell More

You can’t just launch the best Mobile Ecommerce solution and expect people will flock to your app. These tips will help you sell more mobile apps.

1. Your existing customers are your best bet

Current customers are indeed more valuable than new ones. Online businesses experiencing difficulties in growth do not need to acquire new customers. Instead, they must improve customer retention.
Consider the importance of having loyal customers to your online business.

Why loyalty programs?

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  • The majority of customers prefer loyalty programs.
  • Many people believe loyalty programs are the reason they make repeat purchases with brands.
  • To maximize loyalty benefits, a reasonable number of customers spend more than they normally do.
  • Brand loyalty programs are more likely to make 10X customers happy. Customer retention is not always easy, but data shows that customers spend 67% more when they are part of a sustained customer loyalty program
  • It is an excellent way to increase customer loyalty, even though it is more costly. Ecommerce apps offer more opportunities to increase customer loyalty because people can access their phones from anywhere, anytime. You can add more items to your cart, generate more revenue and achieve a higher conversion rate. The in-app system allows you to offer reward points. This can be a great way to encourage customers to purchase from your site.

2. Mobile app discounts

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Mobile offers you an additional opportunity to connect with customers daily. The best mobile ecommerce solutions can integrate with all required technologies and engage customers to convert them with seamless mobile experiences.
Your customers can also leave comments in the app. This action will allow you to get to know your customers and offer a better shopping experience.
Are you still unsure how it can boost sales? An ecommerce app is the best solution for sales. An ecommerce app offers a better design, easier navigation, and more usability that will help you achieve a half-time higher conversion rate than desktop shopping. Mobile-specific promotions can also be made possible by your phone’s built-in features, such as GPS. Voice recognition systems such as “Siri” on iPhone and “Ok Google” in smartphones can also be used to redirect customers to your app.

3. Simple Registration and seamless Navigation

Ecommerce mobile apps are a hot topic today. They are considered one of the excellent ways to make money. A mobile app can be a great way to meet your business goals and expand your brand in competitive online markets.
But not all online businesses with mobile apps will be successful. It is important to put in extra effort when developing an app. Because customers are looking for intuitive features, keeping the user experience first is important. Amazon and other giants can invent their mobile apps to great effect, but they still keep it simple. The ecommerce app must be simple and easy to use.
First, user registration should be easy and quick. There shouldn’t be any pressure to register or log in. Sometimes the user comes across your site while searching for a product. A seamless experience can help them purchase from your website. The in-app Navigation must be well-organized so that users can quickly find what they need from various categories and products.

4. Simple interface with prominent buttons

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The interface is what drives sales, no matter if it’s a website or an app. It is crucial to give clear directions to users rather than confuse them. Focus on sales and limit users’ options to use your app. You can, for example, highlight the top 20 most-sold products on your website. This will give you a peek at your product range and increase sales.
The visibility of key buttons on the mobile application is another factor. It would help if you always placed important buttons such as “Add to Cart,” “Checkout,” and “Buy Now” located at the top of your computer screen. This is the first step in increasing your online sales. These buttons should not be prominently displayed. You must also place them in the correct font and position to increase clicks and sales. You can indeed make a difference by executing the best mobile strategy.

5. The Shipping Process

Shipping is an important factor in customer purchasing journeys and one of the main reasons customers abandon their shopping carts. An ecommerce app can also help to reduce shopping cart abandonment. People prefer to shop online when shipping and handling costs are low, and the final shipping cost is displayed at the start of the order placing process.
You can increase trust and user engagement by making it easy for users to complete the shipping process once they have logged on to your site. You can also offer shipping options to decide and pay for it.

6. Multiple payment options are accepted

Customers are often reluctant to buy products if they don’t have the option of paying. Your sales can be greatly increased if you offer multiple payment options through ecommerce apps such as UPI, debit card and credit card, net banking, UPI, or cash on delivery. You are losing out on many potential customers if you only accept a few payment options.
Apple Pay is a popular payment method in the online market. This is a wonderful option, especially if you have a mobile application. Easy payment options simplify the checkout process and help you make more sales.

7. Display top-selling products

The banner on your home page should highlight the top-selling items. This will increase sales potential as it clearly shows users where to buy. The category “Best Selling Items” at the top of the page grabs users’ attention immediately. It is not easy for everyone to know what they want from your site. It cannot be very clear for new customers if you don’t help them with sales.
Mobile ecommerce solutions can help you plan your product placement using mobile app themes. This trick will allow you to sell high-margin products. Your top-selling products should bring you greater profitability.
Remember the following as dynamic when designing an ecommerce mobile app:
  • Cost Of App Development
  • Development Time
  • Mobile Compatability
  • Built-In Tools
  • Marketing Tools
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Delivery Partners

The Key Takeaway

Ecommerce mobile apps are a great way to shop online. Our main goal is to create a mobile app that enhances users’ shopping experience.
We hope you have found many reasons why mobile apps are essential for online businesses and how to increase sales using them.