Have you ever opened an application and felt like it is complicated and confusing? How many times did you stop using an application because you thought it is not helpful or innovative? 

When we use a mobile application, and it doesn’t meet our expectations, we uninstall the app and find a different alternative. Most of the time, the users will leave a critical review in the app store that will also affect the app store optimization in the play store. 

When it arrives at designing and developing a mobile application, UI UX plays a significant role. The design industry has come a long way and introduced innovative and immersive UI/UX designs. Many famous brands like Uber, Alibaba, and Pinterest have adopted the best UI/UX design, but many other brands still haven’t changed theirs. Before I spill all the details, let me explain the basics of UI/UX. 


What is UI UX? 

UI/UX designing is the best key to attract users. The user interfaces the planned layout of an application. It consists of the images that show, typography, aesthetic of the app, and touch buttons for navigating the app. Anything that you see in the app is part of the user interface, aka UI. The graphic designers decide what theme and what types of options the application should have. 

They have to understand the application’s primary purpose and implement the perfect design to convey to the users what the app represents. 

On the other hand, UX is in short of User experience, and it is entirely different from User Interface. You might be thinking User interface and user experience and the same thing, but it is not UI design, but UX decides how to Operate the UI. And that too will be based on the various factors like the behavior of the target users. UX designers choose how the application should function; it is their responsibility to provide a better user experience to the consumer to use it for a long time. UX designers should have a better understanding of the expectations of target users. So the Role of UI and UX is not only significant but also unquestionable. 

So to finalize UI and UX combined brings a positive experience for the user. 

Role Of UI/UX in mobile app development

A good Ui/UX design provides clarity to the end-user, thus increasing the traffic and engagement rate of the app to the user. 

The best UI/UX design makes the users fall in love with your app. The primary purpose of UI/UX is to make things easier and intriguing for the users. For that, we should use the most trending practices available in the industry right now. Here are the best-integrated courses open right now. 

  1. Motion design
  2. Adopting 3D in interfaces
  3. UX writing
  4. Font type
  5. Voice Integrated user interface
  6. Dark mode

Several tools like canvas, adobe Photoshop, and illustrator can help design a pleasing aesthetic for the application. 

Factors to consider when designing an app

To create a better outcome, it will be more practical to consider these essential factors for Ui/Ux designing. 

  • Ease of navigation of the app
  • Coming up with a suitable theme of the app that conveys the primary purpose of the app. 
  • Providing all kinds of information that a user needs. 
  • Do user testing and get feedback before launching it into the market. 

Importance of UI/UX in the development of the mobile application.

Famous brands like uber understood the significance of UI/Ux and adopted it. Research shows that the applications with a better user interface generate better revenue than the other apps which don’t have a better user experience. Here are some reasons why it is essential to have an advanced User interface on your app. 

  1. When an app has exquisite features, and it has the perfect aesthetic themes. That attracts users. So better UI/Ux designing leads to an increased user base that stays loyal to your application. 
  2. The first impression is significant. So having the perfect graphic layout for an app will create an excellent first impression. 
  3. We increased app store optimization due to the excellent impression on the Downloaders. 
  4. When you adopt the best-integrated practices on Ui/Ux and focus on the quality from the beginning of development, It saves time and money in the long run. 
  5. By adopting the best User interface, you are branding your product, a bonus point for your business. 

The Ui/Ux of your app decides if your business will be a success or a failure! 

Hiring the best UI/UX designer who has excellent skills will help you build an effective app that attracts end-users. 


Even if they have different aspects, UI and UX combine and bring out excellent outcomes through your app. Currently, every brand is competing to create a superb User interface for their app. Designers go through the lengthy process of analysis, planning, and execution to make the product eye-catching to the end-user. If your brand still hasn’t adapted to the best user interface according to your end-user experience, then it’s time you put your designers to work.