You have developed your app with a perfect User interface and a purpose. You know this app will be a hit if it’s out in the world in the right way. Are you wondering what these best strategies to boost your mobile app downloads are? 

Stay tuned am going to tell you all the best methods to market your app into the world.

Come Up With The Perfect Title, an App Icon, And Meta Description For Your App.

An ideal title and stylish icon can convey the purpose of your app to the audience. Create a label that represents your app,

You can ask these set of questions to figure out what kind of name and icon you want for your product ;

1. Is your app designed for entertainment?

2. Under which niche your app belongs?

3. What is the primary purpose of your app?

4. What kind of emotions will the user experience while using the app?

5. What kind of colors your app represents to the world?

6. How is your app going to change everyday lives?

These questions will help you get an overall picture. Don’t forget to find a name that makes people curious, something that makes it stick inside their head. Avoid already used terms.

Your description plays a big part on app store optimization ( ASO)

Market Your App Effectively

The most crucial step to boost the app download is to have a strong marketing campaign.

Deciding on a particular budget that will provide all kinds of benefits of marketing is the best option. If you want your app to have a sudden increase in downloads, focus on your marketing for a short period. It takes some strength and dedication to release your app out there, market it to the targeted audience, and expect promising results.

You should spend your budget on marketing within a few weeks. The spike of downloads will increase if your app is worth downloading to the users by investing altogether.

Make sure the app is delivered to the right audience. Extend your advertisement across all media and channels, which includes

a) Content marketing

b) Email marketing

c) Social media

d) Websites directory

e) Blogs/ magazine

Ensure your app has the perfect website landing page that directs the user to play store to download the app.

 App Store Optimization (ASO) 

The essential part of boosting your app downloads is app store optimization and its benefits. ASO is the improvising the app visibility to users in the play store.

These are the meta elements that improve your App Store optimization

  • App title
  • Meta description
  • Keywords
  • Screenshots
  • Demo video on the page

The goal of doing ASO is to keep upgrading your app ranking. With your app on the top ranks on the app search engine, it will increase your app’s discoverability this way, the number of app downloads will grow organically. These are factors that influence your app store optimization:

  • Number of App reviews and ratings 
  • User retention
  • Number of app visits 
  • Number of website visits
  • Effective use of keywords
  • Meta Description of the app

The ASO effect is done correctly by developers; with correct planning and execution, you can bring your best ASO game to increase the app download organically.

Increase Brand Awareness

Development and presenting your app to the world are two different things.

You need to amplify your media presence and build up your brand awareness among your target audience. It all comes down to having a magnificent landing page for your app. 

Your domain page is the space where your audience will pay a visit to check your app out.

The website should contain information on all critical functions of the application.

Be artistic; design your page in the colors that suit your app. Impressing your audience

It is an essential task.

You can publish articles about your application on your website and thus increase the traffic to your website. Having a blog on your websites will attract more users to your website, which leads to more organic downloads.

Plan A Free App Launch

This method is terrific when it comes to boosting downloads. If your application requires payment, make it accessible for users to download it on the launch date and will spike your downloads on the day of the launch.

Improvises the user downloads, thus inducing App Store optimization. It will result in high ranking and much more discoverability.

Market Through Other Websites Or Online Magazines to boost mobile app downloads

Your target audience must be reading specific blogs or online magazines. Find out the type of publications your audience looks out at most and collaborate with them.

When they write content about your app, you are leveraging their audience to market your application. Go after the publication, which provides an authentic range, publications that are trustworthy to the audience. 

This way, not only are you bringing brand awareness, but also you are gaining trust among your audience. All these strategies will, little by little, push your targeted customer to download the app finally.

Hacking The Press

Yes, you heard right; you can increase app downloads by hacking the press. You can make a statement or release your app’s report on the news all over the place you are concentrating on selling your products. Create a list of sources to sell your presses. Create events based on your mobile app and market them through news sources

Track User Behavior

Imagine you understand what your audience wants or which user is somewhat willing to download your application at their state of mind. Won’t it be more accessible to Market your product to users who are interested in your application? Track your audience behavior. Please find out how they feel about and advertise our product at the right time. 

You can even figure how your audience feels while using the app. 

This information will make you understand how the user engagement is going on according to your app download. 

Set up a cash understanding and audit the cash to zero in on how clients utilize your application or applications like yours. You can remove information from outside sites and applications to gather client information. This information will assist you with noticing and comprehend your accentuation in the gathering.


The user interface is fundamental when it comes to the user experience. Have several user interfaces that are creative and innovative for your app to have multiple choices. The UI has to be artistic and should go along with the app niche. It should attract the users and influence them. And with the perfect UI & UX is every user’s dream. It all comes down to the comfortability of the app users.

The design has to be easy to use and should not lag or get stuck; otherwise, it will lose interest. You can study your target customers and understand what they expect, and design UI According to it. When your app is used for a longer time, it increases the retention rate.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is trending right now with social media like youtube, Instagram and Facebook, etc. Influencers are the role models everyone looks up to. You can collaborate with an influencer and pay them for promoting your application. Influencers come with a certain amount of followers who adore them. As we all know, there are several influencers in a wide variety of niches. So pick an influencer who has your targeted audience as their followers. Influencer marketing works better than running advertisements. The number of downloads you can get from an influencer is proportional to the influencers’ percentage of engagement rate and their followers.

Increasing the downloads of your app is a challenging task. So doing influencer marketing will increase the chances of your app downloads.


Introduce referral programs to your audience. You can give attractive prizes to users who push other people to download and use the app. They should tap the outside reference.

Wrap Up

These tips are one of the best ways to increase app downloads, and I hope you find them helpful and execute them when you need them. 

You have insight into certain things like how in-demand your app will help the process.