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With the ever-growing popularity of mobile applications, it’s no surprise that this industry has been on an upward trajectory for years. But will things continue to grow? Or Is mobile app development dead?Is app development worth it? What does our future hold in store when considering app development and its profitability rates, among other factors involved with creating them! Please tune in to find out more as we explore how new technology in mobile application development has evolved–and what lies ahead for those who stay on top of innovation. 

Let’s look into some Statistics….

According to Statista, the Google Play platform has always made up the bulk of app downloads, but it’s clear that Apple is stronger when generating revenue from these mobile applications. In Q3 2021, $27 billion were downloaded on Android compared to $8.3 billion in iOS devices – a ratio far more significant than what you would expect. By 2022, US consumers will spend $34 billion on these downloads, and even greater numbers continue to grow every year!

With about 7.1 billion app users worldwide in 2022, it’s no surprise that the industry continues to grow. Every smartphone user has installed 35 or more apps on their devices in 2021 alone – many of them are uninstalled due to issues like performance!

The app economy grew at an impressive rate, with $318 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach nearly $613 billion by 2025. Let’s look at some mobile app future trends in this space to see what they might mean for your business!

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The Future of Mobile App Development: The Predictions & The Trends

1. The Emergence of Beacon Technology

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Beacons are small devices that can be attached to objects and emit Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. Technology has been around in our world for quite some time now. Still, it’s just recently started blowing up in popularity because companies have developed unique applications designed specifically for smartphones that allow them to connect wirelessly with each other using this innovative means of communication! Industries such as museums, healthcare facilities, hospitality–among others will benefit greatly if they take advantage before it’s too late. 

With the help of beacon technology, stores can now track customers’ movements and offer them special deals. This is because they can collect time information and location data, which allows for more detailed analysis in determining customer/user behavior patterns.  

2. Smart Apps Development Using AIs

When you were a child, did all the sci-fi movies seem to foretell an inevitable future where machines took over? AI is here to make those visions come true. With its power in mobile app development and IoT technologies combined, science fiction has become a reality!

Data is the new gold standard in mobile app development to law industries. Google Duplex shows us how AI will take over every aspect of human activity, one task at a time- starting with customer service calls. The future is bright for those looking to develop apps with artificial intelligence. This means that, as technology improves and evolves in this domain of mobile application development – we’ll see more attention given by mobile app developers. 

The future of artificial intelligence will be a lot different than we expect. Let’s take a look at some modern trends: AI-powered chips, using AIOps (Artificial Intelligence Operations) for various IT functions like automation and voice translation with deep neural networks that can communicate more seamlessly between themselves as well as humans in general; greater interoperability between neural networks – all this leads up an exciting time where anything might happen. 

3. Cloud Modelling in Mobile App Development

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Cloud-based application development is the way of tomorrow as it becomes increasingly possible to develop big data applications with access from anywhere at any time. Unlimited space and scalability combine for this trend that will grow in popularity among businesses everywhere. 

With the future of mobile application development in a cloud-based world, developers need to be aware of and learn about quantum computing. This new technology will streamline processes while also reducing equipment costs to process data faster than traditional computers can now. The future of mobile application development is now with hybrid cloud and quantum computing.

4. New Possibilities with IoT

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Today’s homes are becoming more connected and smarter with each new device introduced. The IoT refers to a network of these futuristic technologies, such as alarm clocks or coffee machines which you can control through your phone! You need one tap on the app for turning them on/off; no need to write down commands any longer – everything happens in real-time right where it should be. 

The future is bright with IoT-enabled intelligent home applications. As we all know, the connected world brings us endless opportunities, and this includes a more sophisticatedly automated lifestyle – from cars on autopilot to homes that can be controlled remotely using software or hardware devices alike! What’s made these possible? You guessed it: Internet technology like never before. 

5. Revolution of 5G in Wireless Technology


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With 5G, you’ll be able to live luxuriously in the future. This wireless technology is 100 times faster than 4G and offers an incredible speed that will change how we develop mobile applications forever. 

With the recent advancements in technology, mobile processors are on their way to becoming much more than what they already are. The introduction of 5G-compatible chips will allow for advanced app development and higher network speeds that can transform everything from gaming experiences while being compatible with AR/VR platforms or other things you might want your phone to do better than ever before. 

Mobile app development has been taken to the next level with 5G-compatible processors and chips from SamsungLG, and Verizon.

6. Big Opportunities come with Instant Apps

Instant apps are the future of app development. With one click, you can now run and test your application without downloading it first! This presents an opportunity for both users and developers who want their content available on-demand at any time in a convenient format. 

These apps have a lot going on for them, from the ability to store information in your device’s memory and provide immersive experiences, all while being smaller than other types of apps. They also come with built-in payment systems such as Apple Pay or Google Pay that allow you to explore mobile app development without filling out payment details manually. 

7. AR/VR’s Significant Role Next-Generation User Experience

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Augmented and virtual reality are two essential technologies for mobile app development. We saw how Pokémon Go created an ecosystem in which players could find various creatures like its counterpart through cameras on their phones with no physical elements involved, providing a new way to play at home and outside. 

The concept of augmented reality is to supplement the world around you with information, graphics, and objects. For example, if there’s a video call going on, but no one has come into view, then it might be possible for them to see what your avatar would look like by looking through their phone camera or headset lenses instead as part of this new technology. 

With the recent introduction of augmented reality social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram, users can now enjoy a new level of creativity with their stories. These Stories feature exciting stickers only available through these social media platforms for an extra layer in your communication strategy! Google has also created its own VR-compatible YouTube application, so you don’t miss out on any videos made specifically designed to work well within this virtual reality headset. 

8. The Trend of Wearables 

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Wearables or Wearable devices continue to become more and more on-demand, with the fitness bracelet being a necessity for many people. This is especially true as mobile devices have been transformed from just voice commands or data transfer into something that can monitor your every move – all while helping you stay healthy. 

Wearable devices are becoming more popular as the world moves on from traditional computers. The number of connected wearable gadgets has doubled in three years, with 722 million units out there in 2019 compared to 325 million in 2016! It’s predicted that this will reach 1 billion by 2022

Final Thoughts

The mobile application development industry does not cease to grow and evolve with new technology and advances. As time goes on, we can see how this becomes the possibility of applications available for download through our smartphones or tablets.

Many emerging technologies will quickly become mainstream in mobile app development, including Blockchain. We can also expect to see a high-level user experience for these apps as they become more secure using biometric authentication methods such as fingerprint readers or face recognition software on smartphones. The next few years promise an exciting time when it comes not only to crafting desirable websites but creating applications too!

Do you want to take your business to the next level with cutting-edge technologies? We can help you take advantage of these advanced technologies to create a native or cross-platform mobile app for iPhone, Android, and iPad.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the future scope of mobile application developers?

The future of app development in India has the demand for android app developers increasing quickly. With big companies like Samsung, One Plus, and Vivo launching new phones every year with updates constantly needed to keep up with their products’ ever-changing specifications and features, there will be no shortage of work in this field anytime soon!

2. Are app developers in demand in 2021?

By 2026, the demand for mobile developers is expected to increase by 24% from 17%, according to Mobile App Daily. The world is becoming more connected with each day passing by. With 3 billion people worldwide using smartphones, it’s no wonder that the number will continue increasing by several hundred million in the coming years. So the future of mobile apps and app developers is promising in the coming future.