Top Reasons Why IoT is the Future of Mobile App Development

Do you ever wonder how the Internet of things (IoT) is influencing our everyday lifestyle? And why is it such a big deal? Imagine sitting at work and wondering if the air conditioning at home is still working! It will be silly to drive back home to check the air conditioning status, Only if you could check the status of your a/c on your phone. WELL, GUESS WHAT? with the help of IoT, it is possible!!

What is IoT??

The Internet is one of the most leading technologies ever invented by humans, and it has the cathartic power to change the world drastically. In the beginning, only people utilized the Internet. 

Now, there’s a different kind of Internet available, the type of Internet for all the objects embedded with sensors, software, and new technologies that they can download and transfer data over a wireless network without human interruption. 

With the help of technology, we have entered an era of advanced connectivity among various devices.

So to explain what iot in a simple manner is “IoT is downloading and sharing information between objects or things through the very means of the internet and applying the filtered information for the advancement of our day to day life and technology.”

With new technologies and strategies hitting the market every day, IoT is evolving, and it will continue to do so. It has the power to manipulate an entire society. 

History of iot

IoT was invented when we realized the most crucial fact that “The internet was more connected to things or objects than it was to people.”

A group of students from Carnegie Mellon University invented the world’s first iot device in the early 1980s. They modified the campus coca-cola vending machine that will report the availability and temperature of the coke cans.

In 2000 LG electronics introduced the world’s first refrigerator connected to the Internet.

But around 2008 -2009, IoT was getting popular and coming into action since people used more gadgets connected to the internet.

IoT In day to day life

In 1999 Neil gross, a journalist, wrote in an article for a business week, “In the next century, planet earth will don an electronic skin. It will use the Internet as a scaffold to support and transmit its sensations. This skin is already being stitched together. It consists of millions of embedded electronic measuring devices: thermostats, pressure gauges, pollution detectors, cameras, microphones, glucose sensors, EKG’s, electroencephalography. These will probe and monitor cities and endangered species, the atmosphere, our ships, highways, and fleets of trucks, our conversations, our bodies–even our dreams.”

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence combined with the Internet of things has replaced traditional programming in modern technology. IoT has a huge part in the development of smart cars, smart cities, and intelligent grids.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions are poised to transform many industry verticals, including healthcare, retail, automotive, and transport.

Here are some excellent examples of new technologies and inventions that have implemented IoT

TESLA: Tesla cars have created some revolutionizing features that make them stand out in the automobile industry. These cars are not run by fuels but by electricity, and they promote a future of sustainable energy. Tesla cars are autonomous; they have a feature called autopilot that offers full self-driving capabilities. These features are run with the help of Artificial Intelligence, IoT connectivity, and M2M communications. They have features like automatically opening your house’s garage and main gate before entering, automatically updating the software and firmware. A year ago, the news reported that cars saved eight people by preventing an accident. Both cars sensed the danger and hit automatic emergency brakes. 
Read more detailed information. The car’s ability to act on its own is one of the best examples of iot connectivity.

SMART HOME DEVICES: what if all kinds of gadgets at home, starting from window blinds, alarm, kitchen appliances, coffee maker, lights, air conditioning, the toilet, and everything, even the walls and floors (lol, just kidding), connected to the Internet. What if they can all work according to your needs and run automatically by your commands. Imagine waking up to a morning with your alarm on and smelling that fresh coffee brewing and looking out of the window, which has the blinds removed automatically. Your house automatically locks the house when you leave work, and your smart fridge orders groceries online when it’s over. YES, It is all possible through IoT. Devices like Alexa, Amazon echo are the perfect example for this.

BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY: Blockchains are virtual engines of digital currencies like bitcoin. They store the transaction records known as blocks in multiple databases known as a chain. Blockchain is a P2P encrypted digital ledger that is available to all its users. It protects and prevents the tampering of transactions because each transaction is only allowed through the owner’s digital signature. So you must be wondering how IoT works inside the blockchain; IoT sends this data through devices that are available all over the Internet to the private blockchain networks to avoid third parties’ involvement. The beauty of this technology is that anyone can see it, but no one can touch it. Bewitching, isn’t it?

SMART TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: Let’s admit traffic jams are the worst!!! Especially when we are in a hurry to do something emergency. Information collected from CCTV data and transferring vehicle-related inputs to the traffic control centers to gather and analyze the data will help manage organized traffic systems. And all of it is only possible through IoT.

RIDE SHARING APPS: Mobile applications like Uber and Ola are utilizing IoT to a whole new level. Using Iot, they are getting access to a large number of datas and filter them by location of the driver and passenger. Uber always assigns drivers according to the passengers.

For safety precautions, system managers can check for the driver’s behavior and keep tabs on them through a global positioning home

How IoT Shaped The World Of Mobile App Development

IoT is the network of big piles of data for safety precautions System Transferred through objects or things. Any device that may have connected to wireless internet can transfer their datas through IoT. 

There is an upcoming need for apps that can work in devices that can connect to the web. With the help of iot, you can control appliances like a refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, etc., even if you are miles away.

Iot and mobile app developers have combined to make our day to day life a lot easier.

With IoT changing and progressing every single day, the dream of having a smart home or smart city is not that far away.

Reasons Why IoT Is The Future Of Mobile App Development

  • In the mere future, the developers will come up with more and more inventive apps by collaborating with IoT.
  • Developers will combine an alliance with service providers, which will help us get data from non-IoT devices.
  • The market value will continue to elevate due to innovations.
  • There are currently 7 billion IoT devices now available globally, and statistics show that the number will continue to increase in the future.
  • Innovation works to reduce human effort, so there will be a less and less human effort in the future.


The Internet of things is a fascinating invention that revolutionized the modern world.  For the advancement of humankind, it is necessary to take advantage of new innovative technologies. Machine learning and the industrial internet of things will together change our whole world.

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