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How development happens

We follow the Agile Development process. Which means, we get work done in short time periods or iterations. The customer reviews the app as it is being built and provides feedback. The app is continuously reviewed and feedbacks implemented resulting in a successful project. Clients who work with us love the Agile Development methodology since it allows them to go to the market faster!

Agile Development Methodology

Build apps one iteration at a time. Continuous feedback cycle.

Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment

Build apps one iteration at a time. Continuous feedback cycle.

Faster Go to Market

Build apps one iteration at a time. Continuous feedback cycle.

Frequent Communication

Build apps one iteration at a time. Continuous feedback cycle.

Code Reviews

Build apps one iteration at a time. Continuous feedback cycle.

Best in Class Tools

Build apps one iteration at a time. Continuous feedback cycle.

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Integration Solution for Productivity Enhancement App.

NextGen Podcast monetizing app

NextGen Podcast monetizing app

E2E development of web and mobile app for online social retail market place.

We work with some of the leading startups and enterprises around the world

5 Star Rating

Get Started in Less than 24 hours

We work with some of the leading startups and enterprises around the world

5 Star Rating

Get Started in Less than 24 hours

Consider the following scenario: You have a game-changing concept that can disrupt the industry. You constructed the website and handled the promotion, but you still have no clients. 

You perform A/B testing, hire the best salesmen, and do everything you can to spread the word, but nothing changes: you’re not receiving any clients.

Do you know why you are having a tough time achieving your business goal? Your web page is not user-friendly, i.e., the visitors find it hard to navigate and find the information they are looking to acquire. Having good content is one thing, but making sure that it is readily accessible to your visitors makes all the difference. 

Eighty-seven percent of managers regard user experience as a major concern for an online business. It’s no longer a nice-to-have item. It’s a requirement!

While the internet is inundated with “get your website built in 15 minutes,” website builders are more concerned with the features and content and not how appealing the website is in terms of looks and functionality. Many budding technocrats underestimate the significance of UI/UX in increasing the ROI of their online business. 

Wearing your target customer’s shoes and evaluating what they desire, think, and feel is an important part of user experience design. It necessitates experts who understand the needs of your potential customers and design your website accordingly.

This article will go through seven reasons why you should hire UX/UI designers for your online business.

UI/UX Design

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Obtaining new clients necessitates a significant investment of time and money. Content generation, inbound and outbound marketing, lead nurturing and completing the sale all take time, effort, and money.

Per Harvard Business Review, getting a new customer might cost five to twenty-five times more than keeping an old one.

Users will leave your website or app if the UI/UX is poor. It only leads to a low level of customer satisfaction. An engaging UI/UX, on the other hand, keeps users engaged and customers happy. It also increases the ROI. As a result, it’s critical to ensure high-quality UI/UX.




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IT is a highly competitive industry. More than a hundred businesses offer the same goods and services. What will you do to set yourself out from the crowd? What will you do to ensure that visitors to your website/app pay attention to it? That’s where the user interface/user experience (UI/UX) comes into play.

Previously, search engine optimization (SEO) could be accomplished by simply stuffing your website with keywords, and your site would instantly rise to the top of the search results. This strategy, however, is no longer valid because Google regularly updates its algorithm by assessing the dwell time (the duration a visitor stays on a page), the success of a user journey, online navigation behavior, and website trends. 

Using good UX to attract visitors is a fantastic method as nothing can stop them from traveling to the pre-determined objective and becoming valuable clients if your website/app has an exceptional user experience. 

As a result, it is your job and the obligation of the UI/UX Developers to ensure that the UI/UX of your website/app is of the greatest quality.

As per a Microsoft study published in Time magazine, the attention span of humans is just 8 seconds. Thus it is inferred that consumers will only focus on your website/app for 8 seconds. They can either stay or leave after that.

The basic goal of UI/UX is to make complex information easier to understand. Making your product’s reputation rise and receiving positive consumer feedback is the key objective, with user habits and contentment being the main focus.

The user’s decision to stay or go is now totally dependent on the UI/UX of your website or mobile app. If these users enjoy the UI/UX and get the information they need, they will stay for a few minutes, if not hours. 

A good brand reputation boosts consumer loyalty, market confidence and positions you as a market leader. Reputation is all about creating that one everlasting impression that makes your business irresistible for your potential customers. 

UI design

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The first impression is undeniably the best. In this context, it’s a wise move to invest in good UI/UX designs to create a profound impression the first time a visitor lands on your page. Did you know that more than 75% of consumers base their shopping decisions on color? The stats indicate that if the color of your app or website does not appeal to them, more than half of Internet users will not bother to check it out.

Customer experience/UX is quickly eclipsing quality and price as the most critical factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions. Prospects will seek your competition if you don’t provide an exceptional customer experience.

So, care must be taken when designing your app’s/user website’s experience. 

First, know your customer’s preference concerning aesthetics and usability to create the user experience accordingly.


Not every user is the same age, browses in the same way, sees things in the same way, has the same internet connection, or has the same level of IT knowledge. 

Approximately 30 spots on your website cause your users to become enraged, frustrated, and perplexed, eventually leading to their abandonment. If a page takes more than 1 to 3 seconds to load, you will lose a lot of potential clients. 

Quick loading and well-performing websites will rank higher in search engines. UX design services improve the speed of your website, lower bounce rates, and make the entire development process a walk in the park for everyone. And this is where the role of a UX expert comes into play. They create responsive websites that function for all types of users and devices, improving their visibility, consistency, and usability.


Businesses may save time and money by incorporating user experience (UX) design. The average company sees a return on investment of $10 to $100 for every dollar spent on UX.

User-Centered Design (designed with users in mind) assures that your technology expenditures meet consumer needs and usability standards, resulting in increased user engagement, system efficiency, and delighted customers.

UX design


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Before any code is created, interaction designers swiftly develop and iterate UI ideas based on user feedback. Hence, developers can work more quickly. As the system is developed correctly, this combination of skill and method eliminates costly rework later.


App development

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The greater return on investment is an essential benefit of a good UX. According to Forbes, for every $1 spent in the United States, you will receive $100.

Because strong UX investments promote consumer satisfaction, they affect its ROI. Satisfied customers are loyal; they trust a company’s products and want to buy more, which is why satisfied customers are critical to a company’s success – and the reason for its existence.

UX has five main ROI areas:

Let’s take a sneak peek into the real-life scenario of a corporation that improved its ROI through UX design.


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Walmart is the king of all retail establishments. They had a big facelift in 2018, which resulted in a 43 percent increase in sales.

You might wonder what they did.

By adding straightforward navigation on their website, they drastically transformed the way people purchase in stores. They also integrated personalization to show products popular in a specific location and gave their desktop version a mobile look by integrating a hamburger menu in the header.


TikTok – a good example of what an effective UI/UX can do to your online business

A great example would be the UI/UX concept of the TikTok mobile app that has attracted millions of users into its addictive and hard to quit user interface. Once a user starts using the app, time flies seamlessly, and the user is unaware of it. 

Such is the significance of a truly exceptional UI/UX design concept. A good UI/UX will mean that the user is unaware of their system. 

Is Your Company Investing in UI/UX Design Services?

Interface design

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Whether you’re a startup or a multimillion-dollar corporation, investing in UI/UX design is your best option for growth. It optimizes search rankings, increases ROI, keeps clients, and allows you to outrun your competitors.

Here are some cool UI/UX facts to get you started:

According to E & Y, the value of internet business sales in Indonesia is increasing by 40% every year. All thanks to the UI/UX Design that helped achieve this milestone.

All of these figures show that a good UI/UX design may have a huge impact on your business. It can bring more customers to your website/app, keep them there for longer periods, persuade them to buy your goods, and increase your productivity dramatically. 

As a result, if you want to expand your business, concentrating on UI/UX design is critical.

How to improve your UI/UX design?

Wondering how to improve the user experience of your website/app after comprehending the importance of UI/UX design in business? Here are some suggestions from Softobiz’s UI/UX design experts:

Think about human psychology, color patterns, and behavior in your Design. You can assure the optimal user experience on your app/website by keeping these essential UI/UX design considerations in mind. 

Reach out to our UI/UX design experts if you have a great product concept and ensure it provides the best user experience possible. We can help you design user-centric products that win the hearts of your customers with our UI/UX design team.

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