Integration Solution for Productivity Enhancement App.

Shelly apps offers productivity enhancing services that targets to reduce the organizing time of documents and meeting schedules which is scattered and cluttered among different productivity management apps. With too many productivity management tools, managing cross platform documents, meeting schedules and notes leads to reverse effect of decreasing the productivity of customers. In shelly, users can sync their google/outlook calendars, add custom notes, link multiple accounts and sync dropbox documents and much more.
Our Client had a dysfunctional and performant poor live app with google calendar sync that was hosted in heroku and had a requirement of migration to the emerging MERN stack and AWS ec2 hosting. The main ardent challenge was to move the synced productivity data of existing users from one hosting platform to another. The development team was posted with strenuous deadlines that was critical to be met before the client presentations.
Our Solution:
As the old app had sync time latency for third party integration like google, The development team came up the excellent proposal of focusing on parallel redevelopment for tuning up the backend services and sprucing up the UI with performant latest technologies like Redux, Memoize etc.The comprehensive process of our solution can be briefed in definitive phases
Technology Stack:
MERN, AWS ec2 and S3 integration, CI/CD, google and outlook cloud management.
The Architecture team configured ec2 and integrated CI/CD along with the configuration for testing domains as well.
The development team redeveloped the app following agile pattern with week of sprint deadlines to recreate the features developed using MEAN stack. Our team came up with an excellent solution for refreshing the existing user data and updating the custom notes which was completed automated and fool proof and no user data was lost during the migration of tech stack. Profiling and minimisation of onboard latency using best software design principle proved to be icing on the cake, making the client ecstatic.
Business Outcomes:
The first beta release, resulted in surge of active users of the app and new user logins which made the client to come up new feature integrations and redesign requirements which is done holistically and released to live users. The team has also offered a spin off admin panel which was extremely useful for the client for monitoring and gathering information about the app usage stats and platform.