How Custom Mobile Apps Can Attract New Customers

Mobile applications have become an essential part of our daily life. There are more than 3.14 million uses worldwide. For the next, there will be more apps, and the mobile communications market is exploding

But just developing an app is not enough; there has to be a well-planned strategy to send your app to success.

So how is that possible?? How can you figure out this great strategy? How will you implement this strategy to action?

The main objective of the application must be to satisfy a growing demand in society to become successful.

It should give an exceptional benefit to the users.

In here, I am going to share with you the formula of success for an application to engage in millions and millions of users;

Target Your Customers To Increase The Reach

  • Understand your competition, and reaching your audience first is a must. It takes a lot of effort for your product to get customers. 
  • Even if the product is exceptional, sometimes your business might get caught up in the storm of competitors. 
  • Advertisements and promotion campaigns play a significant role in delivering your work to the end-user.
  • Social media plays a significant role when it comes to marketing your product.
  • Build networks and take that as an opportunity to introduce your brand to customers. Allow your customers to spread the word to their contacts.
  • Introduce a referral program to give them credits. This organic method will reduce the cost of advertisement campaigns.
  • Create a solid social media presence for your brand. Please take advantage of the perks of social media platforms and use them to promote your application. 
  • Be part of essential discussion groups on Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram.

Improve Your Marketing Conversion

Tech companies are still harnessing mobile applications’ power, and it hasn’t yet reached its complete form. Improving the market conversions will bring out the rates and modify it; here are some examples:

  • Online shopping models give the buyers more information and provide them with the ability to purchase the product and continue buying. 
  • Getting more feedback from end-users through the help of artificial intelligence
  • Finding out the product’s a user Need and advertising them.
  • Location services that gives notifications when customers are in nearby areas
  • Push notifications to increase productivity
  • Using AR & VR to provide an exceptional user experience.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

There are 561 million app downloads per day.

App Store is an essential factor when it comes to marketing your app and making it a success. 

App store optimization is meant by attracting end-users to download your app based on the name, keywords, ratings, etc. It’s a search engine optimization process, and if we do it right. We will be increasing the traffic and increasing the downloads of the app.

  • Keywords are always important when it comes to SEO. Give a solid description of the app and give essential keywords to increase users’ number to find your app.
  • Customize your app Page. Maybe your app only solves a problem of just one community; localize this community to make the app Store put your app on the first pedal.
  • Find what works best and optimize the best way to increase the downloads.

Take advantage of influencer marketing.

Because the influencers will bring credibility to your app, you can trust the influencers to market your products.

Since they have vast loyal followers that they have trustworthy relationships. The audience will trust our app and its capacity to help their needs.

Precisely why you should collaborate with the influencers to market your products to their audience. The influencers recommend 33% of app downloads.

Choose the influencers according to the niche of your app. As representing your brand, make sure the influencer has enough trust among their followers.

We are finding out the engagement rates to make sure how their recommendations will increase our downloads.

Pick the right social media platform to market your product. Instagram, Facebook, youtube, and TikTok are the most used platforms to increase. To understand and make use of the venue where your target audience is available.

Focus on giving a narrative about how the app has changed the lives of influencers. Storytelling is the key to make the belief the users download the app.

PR & Press Coverage

  • Building app awareness and generating a buzz for the app among the society or locality can drive the app’s downloads. Promote your app through a partnership with journalists, bloggers, television advertising will build brand awareness among your audience.
  • Customize your PR pitches before you collaborate with Influencers and journalists, and bloggers. Understand how your app will change our everyday lives and how the app’s role will make it easier for the users to increase their productivity.
  • Understand the type of media that will get excited to promote your app and target them to achieve your goals.
  • Help the bloggers and journalists to understand your app better. Give them all in one description kit to make them know how the app works and how they should narrate your app’s story in their everyday life.

Create appeal for whole new market segments

If you are currently only focusing on one marketing industry, it’s time you widen your vision find others who use your products. Sometimes we have to add functionality to make the product look relevant in front of the end-user.

You can customize your app according to each market, and its needs, maybe a different UI to make the users aware that the app widens in all sectors to increase its demographic range.

There are translation services that will put your application in front of customers who are not interested in your application because it is different. Even if you have a fair package, multilingualism can open up new uses to grow your customer base.


As you can see, there are tons of ways to increase your app optimization and increase your app’s downloads. Make sure you have the precise knowledge to promote your app before you jump in. Because once the customers are interested in your app, then it will gradually become a success. 

To ensure that your app becomes a success, you need to trust the process and give everything to it. I hope you have the All the Ducks in this journey of yours. I hope this article helps you understand how you can attract the end-users to your customized app.

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