Mobile Application Security – A complete Guide

Mobile phone products are becoming more popular than desktops and laptop computers. In the past 12 months, mobile users have increased by over ten percent. In addition, nearly 51 percent of that period invested by users online in the United States of America is on cellular devices. Users take part in almost all tasks on […]

Benefits of Push Notifications & How it Improves Your App

Push notifications are a pop-up message that comes into your device taskbar from an application. The primary purpose of a push notification is to get users’ attention to lure them into Using the app. Push notifications help you reach out to the users, even if the app is not even opened on their device. push […]

Guidelines To Boost Mobile App Engagement And User Retention

What if I tell you that your app engagement will be reduced to at least 75%-80%  within the first three months after the release. It happens to most of the applications. The most common mistake people make while the app comes into the market is that they focus on driving the download rates without caring […]

15 Reasons Why Mobile App Maintenance Is Important

Mobile apps are valuable and straightforward to every smartphone user because they provide services daily. But they won’t blink twice if they don’t like the app anymore. A frustrated app user will jump from one app to the next app regardless of anything. So, app developing companies are on their toes when it comes to […]

The Most Significant Cloud Computing Trends In 2022

Businesses need growth. They require more new technologies to stand them out in the limelight. Cloud computing has changed the world of business. For more easy and flexible data management is happening because of cloud computing. Cloud centers of big organizations process 94% of the databases. The future of cloud computing is promising. The methods […]

How Powerful Is Influencer Marketing In-App Promotion?

Who’s your favorite Instagram/ YouTube/ TikTok influencer? Have you seen them promoting an application that’s related to their niche?  In this new era of the global pandemic, people being creative and having their joy through social media has changed the digital marketing world.  The reach and influence of a TikTok or YouTuber, or Instagrammer have […]

Hybrid App Development: Benefits and Limitations

What Is a Hybrid App Development?  There are three main ways that mobile apps are developed today. The first one is using the native SDKs directly, which means we establish each app for different platforms with the help of the native language. For Android, it is kotlin or java. In iOS, it is objective C […]

The Role of DevOps in Mobile App Development

The number of smartphones has crossed over 3.6 billion in total for now, and believe me when I say this because the rate is increasing, and it will reach more significant numbers in the upcoming years.   Years and years ago, DevOps concentrated on the growing digitalization trends, but factors like cost, time taken for the […]

Best App Store Optimization Tools To Adopt In 2022

When it comes to Mobile app store optimization, user experience is essential. All of the smartphones come with inbuilt applications necessary for the crucial function of the mobile, regardless of whether these fundamental installed applications are insufficient for us in this general public. The application will be fruitful when the need is inquired. Different components […]

9 Reasons Why You Should Take App Maintenance Seriously

Increased retention, bug reports free, and increased user engagement are among the pillars to keep our app on ( application store optimization) ASO. This article will show how important is app maintenance and how that will influence your business. Technology is advancing every single day. New technologies are rising every 30 days, making it faster, […]